It’s Time to Play

Lawn Games Delight the Fun-Loving Bride & Groom

By Casey Feindt

Alicia Osborne Photography

Alicia Osborne Photography


Looking for a chic and inexpensive way to entertain guests at your wedding? Lawn games can be the ideal addition to any outside venue. Incorporating lawn games is a great way to encourage friendly conversation and camaraderie among guests as well as help you make the best use of wide-open spaces.

Making lawn games part of your wedding can make for an excellent no-frills addition to both the happy hour and reception. Another plus? They provide the perfect backdrop for fun and candid photos.

Bocce Ball

Whether youre planning a beach wedding or a rustic country-style ceremony, bocce ball adds an element of class to any outside event. Once a game played in Ancient Rome, it continues to delight guests of all ages. To play, you need eight bocce balls and one pallino ball, which is smaller than the rest. The objective of the game is to get your teams balls closest to the pallino as possible. The games relaxed pace will ensure your guests have time for conversation.

Lawn Twister

A spin-off of the traditional game, lawn twister utilizes the natural environment to create a fun-filled activity that may be best suited for keeping children entertained. Using five colors of spray paint, create the equivalent of a Twister board on the lawn. Then, have a designated spinnercall out commands to the players. Be sure to have your cameras ready!

Alicia Osborne Photography

Alicia Osborne Photography


Of all the lawn games, cornhole is a favorite. It’s popularity likely stems from the ease of transporting and making cornhole boards. All you need for this game is two corn hole boards and eight bean bags. Position the boards about 20 yards away from each other with team members on opposite sides. Players will then take turns throwing the beanbags onto the boards. A bag on the board is a point, and a bag in the hole is good for three points. If youre feeling fancy, splurge for some customized cornhole boards. Theyll make for an excellent memento.

Tether Ball

Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by incorporating a tether ball game into the wedding festivities. All thats needed for this game is a pole or branch of some kind, rope, and, of course, a leather tether ball. Make things interesting by pairing up the Bride and Groom. Guests will surely be entertained.

Giant Jenga

Woodland Fields Photography

Woodland Fields Photography

This one speaks for itself. Watch as your guests try to pull oversized Jenga pieces out of a larger-than-life sized stack. This game employs cut and sanded blocks of wood that may be painted to match any theme or color palate. Don’t forget to scream “Jenga” as all the pieces tumble to the ground!

Ladder Golf

This game is a creative combination of golf, cornhole and ping-pong. The game involves throwing two balls that are connected by a string at a tiered ladder. If you hook the balls around a tier, you score a certain number of points based on the tier you landed on. Build your own out of decorated PVC pipe, or buy a pre-assembled one.