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Alicia Osborne Photography

I’m a photographer based out of Tallahassee, Florida. My love for photography began in the darkroom (processing film and making prints) in elementary school. After graduating from Florida State University’s BFA Art Program, I decided to dive into freelance photography. I’ve completely held on to my love of film while embracing the amazing advancements digital photography has given us. That being said, I shoot film and digital at most weddings. Why? Film photography inspires me and keeps me motivated and sharp while producing beautiful images.

2016 photos: Pages 44-45, 72
2017 photos: Pages 7, 38-39, 48, 60
2018 photos: Pages 19, 47, 73

2019 photos: Pages 60, 61, 64-65, 76-77
2021 photos: Pages 60-61, 69
Phone: (850) 510-2929

Photos by Alicia Osborne Photography

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