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Catering Capers


“Catering Capers helped to make our wedding special from day one. One moment that stood out for my husband and I was a private table that was set up for the two of us before we were announced at our reception. The wait staff was ready with our signature cocktails in hand. The staff served us the entire dinner from start to end, without taking too much time away from the reception. It was really special because we were able to enjoy the food we selected so carefully with the chef.

“We still get compliments about the food, and it was very clear that our food was the best part of our reception. Everyone who attended said that the food, service of the wait staff, and attention to detail in the presentation made them feel like they were at a five-star restaurant. Every detail, from the flavors to the presentation, was perfect.” — Erica Butts, St. Petersburg, Florida

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Photos by Woodland Fields Photography and courtesy of Catering Capers

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