FSU Alumni Center


“My husband Marcus and I are from Tallahassee, and he is a graduate of Florida State University. We live in Orlando now but wanted our wedding to be back home. When we were taking our tours of the different venues in Tallahassee, we really liked the space and knew the Alumni Center could accommodate our more than 180  guests. They had the outside and inside space we were looking for. It was so lovely and didn’t need much decor as far as the building was concerned. It just simply fit my idea of a wedding space. Plus, I really wanted sparklers for our exit, and they allowed us to have them.

“We truly loved when we said our vows and seeing everyone that came to celebrate our union.” – Mamie Mills, Tallahassee, Florida


(850) 645-9255//Alumni.FSU.Edu

1030 W. Tennessee St. , Tallahassee, FL 32304


Photos by Drehow photography