Photo by Alicia Osborne

Tallahassee Downtown


“Christopher and I live true to the motto: live, work, play. It was the most natural selection for us to choose everything that was in the area that we live in and work in, downtown. It’s a lovely atmosphere and everyone in that area does a great job of working together from the Governor’s Inn to the Governor’s Club to Aloft Hotel.

We wanted a New Orleans style and we chose the vendors that locally embody that ‘let the good times roll’ attitude. Having it on New Year’s Eve gave everyone a reason to party. We were totally overwhelmed with love and support, and then at the ceremony my grandpa tripped. It was one of the moments like this is all so perfect and this is also real life.” – Elizabeth Emmanuel, Tallahassee, Florida //

106 E. Jefferson St, Tallahassee, FL 32301


Photos by Alicia Osborne