Tallahassee Downtown


“Our wedding was unconventional, relaxing, fun and effortlessly beautiful in the heart of our Capital City. We chose downtown Tallahassee not only for our wedding venue, but also for our home. Tallahassee’s old charm, canopy trees and rehabilitated historic architecture made our pictures timeless.

“When we decided to get married in Tallahassee, we knew it had to be in a city park. The obvious choice was The Edison and Cascades Park. The beautiful ambience is like nowhere else in Florida. Our out-of-town guests were shocked by how gorgeous and scenic the park, downtown and the restaurant were. Everyone had an amazing time, and it was obviously the best day of our lives.” – Mary Bustin, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


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106 E. Jefferson St, Tallahassee, FL 32301


Photos by  Kylene & Ryan Studios