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The Henderson Beach Resort & Spa


“The first time Charlie took me to the Henderson for dinner, I remember walking into the lobby and thinking what a great place for a wedding. After he proposed, I was researching venues, and I kept being drawn back to the idea of The Henderson. It’s so beautiful, and it held so many great memories for us.

“After meeting with the team, who were amazing from the first meeting, I told them I had always dreamed of walking down a staircase as the bride and they told me they hadn’t done that yet, but we could make it work. Anything I dreamed up, they wanted to make happen. I was so excited to walk down the aisle. My party came out the doors downstairs, so no one anticipated that I would be coming down the staircase. I felt like I was princess in a fairytale at that moment.” – Leah Wagner, Palmdale, California


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200 Henderson Resort Way, Destin, FL


Photos by Michael K Photography 

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