The Pearl Hotel

Rosemary Beach, FL

“I knew for quite some time that Rosemary Beach would be a part of our wedding day in some capacity, but I wasn’t exactly sold on a ‘toes in the sand’ type of wedding. I have always loved The Pearl Hotel ­— the architecture, the design, the color palette. When my husband and I started discussing what our day would look like, we immediately agreed that The Pearl was at the top of our list. Upon reaching the rooftop for the first time, we were sold. It was 100 percent the backdrop we wanted. The rooftop transforms into such a magical and romantic place, you truly never want to leave it.

“It is the most welcoming and warm place. The staff made the whole process easy and relaxing, and it truly felt like we were going through the planning process with friends.” – Jessica Thompson-Cooper, North Little Rock, Arkansas


(850) 460-9040 //

63 Main Street Rosemary Beach, FL 32461


Photos by Hello Miss Lovely