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The Pearl Hotel

Rosemary Beach

“I mean have you seen their hotel? It’s picture perfect. There was really never a question. From day one, The Pearl’s staff was so engaging. They set up welcome calls, check-in calls, provided vendors in the area and were available anytime I requested. Having this wedding halfway across the country from where we live was always a worry to me until I had my first welcome call. I can’t say enough about how easy planning this wedding was at The Pearl. So many little details like tables, chairs, linens, food and cake were included.

“All throughout the night we kept hearing ‘this place is perfect’ and ‘thank you for bringing us here.’ Our family and friends loved staying with all the accommodations The Pearl offers as well.” — Brittany Collins, St. Louis, Missouri

(850) 460-9040 //

63 Main Street Rosemary Beach, FL 32461


Photos by Claire Casner Photography

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