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What We Loved This Week: November 11-17

By Janecia Britt

The Perfect Pink

Serious inquiry, how do I get the job of a nail polish namer? I stumbled across this beautiful soft pink waiting in line at Marshall’s, as one always does. I was going to buy it regardless because of the color, but once I flipped it over and saw the name “Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.” I scooped up all five bottles on the shelf. They make for a cute gift for the bride to be and are the perfect pale pink for a romantic, classic bride.




Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

Lace Jumpsuits

I love the trend of upgrading wedding wear. There’s a lot of focus on the ceremony dress but the sartorial choices for your engagement party, bachelorette party and bridal shower are just as important!

Bridal jumpsuits aren’t new, we’ve seen celebrities in them but I love the ease of this particular piece. There’s just something about the type of lace and the ruffly off the shoulder details that I love.



Photo by @bellabelleshoes on Instagram

Pearl Adorned Wedding Shoes

I’ve always struggled with wedding shoes because my style is somewhat in between glamorous and classic. I saw these shoes on Instagram earlier this week and just feel in love. They still have that classic bridal look to them but are also very unique and elegant. I thought about ordering a pair just because!
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