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12 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy

By Rebecca Padgett


Let’s be honest, we all have wedding magnets haphazardly stuck to the side of our fridge and monogrammed koozies tucked away in junk drawers.

While these items and many others can be cute, they aren’t exactly memorable or exciting.

Your guests have come from near and far and are near and dear, they deserve a little something special that sparks a smile.


1. Personalized Food Items

Whether it’s the couple’s favorite food product or a locally loved culinary creation specific to your wedding location, guests love receiving tasty bottled, bagged or canned food items. Some examples include handmade jam, your favorite local coffee, local honey, BBQ sauce, craft beer and chocolate. You can attach labels that say anything from the couple’s name to a cute and catchy phrase.

Photo by Woodland Fields Photography


2. Takeaway Food

You’re seeing a theme here. Set out doggie bags, cartons and cute boxes for guests to collect takeaway treats. They will thank you later when the post-wedding munchies kick in. Set up stations with snacks, such as cookies, doughnuts, candy, popcorn, chips, pretzels, etc.


3. Plants, Seeds or Flowers

Let your love grow long after the wedding day. Small potted flowers or succulents are great takeaways for those with or without a green thumb. Seeds in personalized envelopes are a fun way for the guests to grow a plant in the couple’s honor. Everyone enjoys receiving an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Allow guests to take them from the table or lay out a variety of wildflowers for them to pick and choose their own, all tied together with pretty ribbon or lace.


Photo by Woodland Fields Photography

4. Single Use Cameras

Be sure to have these available at the beginning of the reception so guests can snap away all night long. When they take them home to be developed, they can relive the night again and again.


5. Mix CD

A blast from the past as we delve back into the ’90s. As a couple, decide on a top list of your favorite tunes. Your guests will delight in the nostalgia and will feel more in tune with you as a couple.


6. A Charitable Donation in Their Name

This is a gift that warms the heart of you, your guests and the philanthropy you choose to support. Instead of spending your money on an item, give that money to a charity you care about. Write your guests notes letting them know that a charitable donation has been given on their behalf. Even better, tell them why it’s important to you.

Photo by Alena Bakutis Photography

7. Potpourri, Candles or Incense

Scent is tied directly to fond memories. Select a scent that represents you as a couple. For the DIY inclined, hand pour your own candles or make your own potpourri — or simply affix a personalized label.


8. Throw Blankets

Let your love keep them warm! Everyone loves cuddling up with a cozy throw blanket. These could especially come in handy during outdoor, winter weddings.


9. Personalized Key Chains

Transcribe your favorite song lyric or quotation to a cute keychain for a lasting keepsake they carry around.

Photo courtesy of Coton Colors


10. Christmas Ornaments

Having a wedding token out all 365 days of the year may be a little much for some, but a Christmas ornament is just the right mix of heartfelt and nostalgic. Once a year, when unboxing their Christmas decor, they will be reminded of you and your special day.


11. Mini Bottles of Booze

Whether it’s a bottle of mini champagne to be popped at the end of the night or a mini whiskey shot for the plane ride home, at some point before, during or after the wedding weekend, these mini booze bottles will be of good use.


12.Photo of the Couple with a Note

A memento as personal, heartfelt and loving as this will go a long way with guests. Select a favorite photo whether from early in your relationship, your engagement session or both and give it to guests. You can do something as simple as writing “thank you for attending our wedding” on the back or you can write personalized notes to each guest. Either way, simply seeing your handwriting, lets the guest know you took the time to make this moment special.

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