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Take a whiff of the lavender in your bouquet to instantly relieve your wedding day jitters. The soothing tone and scent do well as sprigs present throughout a spray or as stalks wrapped in a ribbon.
Succulents add a modern and eclectic touch next to timeless flowers. Plus, they make for an excellent keepsake as they can be planted after the wedding.
Hydrangeas are small flowers that make a large impact. “The blue and white hydrangeas are budget friendly and go a long way in an arrangement,” Jones advises.
White Anemone
The white anemone is likely the mysterious white flower with midnight blue center that you have pinned relentlessly on your wedding board. “These are seasonal flowers generally available from late December to June,” Jones explains.
Colorful bulbs and blooms need a bit of greenery interspersed. “Seeded eucalyptus is very popular for its gray appearance and aromatic smell,” says Jones.
Berries and Fruits
Blackberries, figs, small citrus, plums, hypercium berries, privet berries and holly berries are just some examples of fruits that can be used for adornment. We won’t tell if you decide to nibble on your bouquet. Edible arrangements, indeed.
Peonies are the new roses. They are large in size and add elegance to bouquets and centerpieces. Beware though, they can definitely be a budget-buster.
With the appearance of spiraled crepe paper, ranunculus are dainty and delicate. “My personal favorite are the Japanese variety as they have enormous blooms,” offers Jones.

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