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First Comes Love, then Comes Planning

First Comes Love, then Comes Planning

By Chay D. Baxley // Photos by Black & Hue Photography

Congratulations! You’re getting married. Can we just let that sink in for a moment, please?
As the team at Rowland Publishing was gearing up for our third annual issue of Northwest Florida Weddings I have to admit I got a little nostalgic. It was strange sorting through the thousands of images featuring smiling brides and grooms from years gone by. Some have little ones now. Some are traveling the world. And through our publication, all have played a role in helping another couple plan their own unique wedding.
That’s a tall order to fill for 2016. But the team of wedding and creative professionals I’m privileged enough to collaborate with make the process of bringing to print the best this region has to offer a breeze. From world-class photography to the most delicious eats and gorgeous venues imaginable, the coastal, city and country communities of Northwest Florida are full of beauty. I’m just grateful to know so many individuals who are excited to cultivate it.

Want to know a secret? At the time of writing, I’m an anxious/adoring/humbled bride-to-be myself. At the time of publication, I’ll be a newly hatched Mrs. thumbing through/gushing over our freshly printed wedding photos
Let me tell you — that’s a pretty surreal feeling.
Sean and I have been together for nearly six years, and when he proposed last November we thought we had our pending nuptials all figured out. But from bridesmaids’ dresses to appetizers, we (OK, fine, it was me) must have changed our minds a thousand times. Planning a wedding together is an adventure — and no matter where your style leads you or how high your guest list grows, I guarantee when you look back on it all you’ll see is love.
So deep breaths. And don’t forget — this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’re a fiancé now! We’re so excited for you.


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