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High School Sweethearts Marry in Perfect Seaside Wedding

“When they say your wedding day can be a blur and the excitement and fun flies by, they aren’t kidding. The day of the wedding was nothing shy of perfection. My husband and I were high school sweethearts. I am a cardiology registered nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital, and my husband, J.D., is vice president of Coastal Insurance Agency. When we talked about our wedding day, we knew we always wanted it to be at the beach.”

“My husband is originally from Mississippi, but I have always lived here on the gorgeous Emerald Coast. Our lifestyle consists of beach days and boat days, so, needless to say, the water is our second home. It felt more than perfect to have our special day captured at the Triple Crown beach house in Seagrove Beach, Florida. 

We were married at the most beautiful place and surrounded by our amazing friends and family — it was perfect.”

“When it came to J.D. helping me plan the wedding, his famous words were “I like your taste, whatever you think is best is fine with me.” I would ask hi form opinions on flower options and little details, but he couldn’t care less — ha! He just wanted me to have the best day possible.”

“With the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, I was very overwhelmed. I mean, what bride isn’t? My mom and I searched for a perfect yet reasonable wedding planner to help with it all. We got in touch with the most amazing, sweet and helpful wedding planner — Jessica Miller with Serene Occasions. She is the most incredible and talented wedding planner, and I am so thankful she was a part of my special day.”

“She made the wedding planning process fun and exciting. Not only was she so great at the planning process, but she also was also our florist and designer of our one-of-a-kind bohemian driftwood arbor. She also took care of the setup and breakdown of the wedding, my arbor and all the table decorations and accessories throughout the wedding venue. She was beyond amazing and talented. She made my wedding day so special and everything I could have ever wanted.”

“I would like to let future brides know that even with the stress of wedding planning, try to enjoy every minute. It will be over in a blink of an eye. Don’t sweat the small stuff, even if it seems like a big deal in the moment — it really isn’t. Your guests are not super focused on the little details around the wedding venue or what your cake looks like or what songs you choose. They want to witness you both in your most amazing moment yet. It’s an exciting day filled with family and friends. Enjoy it.”

Photos courtesy of Modus Photography.


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