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Take the Cake…Or Don’t

Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake

Many Brides are Opting for Dessert Bars, Instead

By Alexandra Pushkin 

Everyone knows the scene: the newlywed couple cuts the first slice of their wedding cake together. As cameras snap pictures, the couple feeds one another the first sweet bites, and, perhaps, faces are met with cake. In recent years, more couples have expressed their preference for other desserts to cut into. It has become conventional to have an unconventional wedding cake…or even to have a sweet alternative. In place of the traditional white, frosted desserts, couples are taking more nontraditional, personalized routes.

As beloved as the traditional wedding cake may be, more room on the dessert table is being dedicated to modern updates as couples make space to convey their creativity. The replacement of a cake is the furthest thing from a loss; for any dessert can be dressed up for a formal occasion — yes, even a couple’s favorite snack. Adding a tiered element to desserts will give the illusion of a cake. Using risers to display sweet treats will add dimension and catch the attention of guests. Lastly, using name cards, especially for uncommon or foreign desserts, will spark curiosity and surprise guests who expect a traditional cake.

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