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The Top Trends You’ll See in 2019

By Rebecca Padgett


Wedding planning isn’t just about tradition. Many are thinking outside the box about their big day.

Take a look at the what’s trending in 2019, it’s proof that these major life events are becoming more and more about a couple at the moment—if these touches are any indication, weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before.

1. Calligraphy

Invitations, table markers, backdrops and more — you name it and you can stylize it with curly cursive calligraphy.


2. Heartfelt Heirlooms


Your grandmother’s brooch on your bouquet, your grandfather’s watch, a piece of your mother’s wedding dress sewn into yours — beautiful sentiments included in your most memorable day make for everlasting memories.


3. White Blooms

White flowers are having a major moment right now. Simple, stylish and timelessly elegant.


4. Creative Exits

Make them remember you long after you’re gone with an exciting exit that’s unique to you.


5.  Dapper Dudes

From conversational and quirky bow ties to suits that transcend past black and classic — the men might just be stealing the show.


6. Unique Stone Rings

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. Sometimes, she prefers a unique yet equally stunning gemstone.



7. Passable Foods

Couples are opting for optimal party time with passable food options. No need to sit when you can dance with grilled cheese in hand.


8. Gold Gair Pieces

Many brides want a bit of dazzle in their do — from ornate, gilded gold hair clips to intricately wound, delicate vines.


9. Photo Booths

Capture the moment as it happens. Guests love hamming it up with keepsakes from an on-site photo booth.


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