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Top 10 Gifts Your Bridal Party Will Actually Love

Intentionality has become a popular sentiment among modern weddings. Where bridal party gifts of the past have often been rendered as nostalgic memorabilia beyond the wedding day, today’s couples might opt for purposeful gifts that those close friends can enjoy for years to come.

1. Clothing

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Clothing is one of the most popular gifts given to a bridal party — for bachelor and bachelorette celebrations or as pre-wedding wear for the day of. Matching shirts or swimsuits are popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties. For longevity, avoid themes beyond color palettes and choose solids or prints that can later be worked into the every-day wardrobe. Consider a plush robe, silky pajamas or a clothing article in an aesthetically pleasing style. Items they can wear on the wedding day and beyond include a stole or sweater for weddings during cooler months or a pair of customized tennis shoes or sandals for the reception. For men, gift a nice polo or pair of shorts for the bachelor weekend, athleisure wear to get ready in, or a bowtie to wear for the wedding that can pair nicely with various styles.

2. Drinkware

During the bachelor, bachelorette and wedding weekends, there will likely be many beverages consumed — everything from mimosas and beer to green juices and water. Flasks, champagne glasses, whiskey sifters, wine tumblers, mugs, Yeti cups and water bottles all make for great giftable vessels. Similarly, wine stoppers, wine openers and beer bottle openers make for presents with purpose. Choose to have the drinkware monogrammed or personalized in the person’s favorite color.

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3. Jewelry

Give an evergreen jewelry gift that can be worn on the wedding day and beyond. While you want the jewelry to align with your wedding style, also consider it being something they would want to wear in the future. A set of diamond or pearl studs, a unique piece by a local designer, a gold chain with a beautiful pendant, a classic hoop or a stunning statement maker. For men, timeless gifts include a watch, customized set of cufflinks, cool tie clip or a personalized necklace or bracelet.

4. Tote bag

Don’t underestimate the power of a quality tote bag or backpack. Leading up to and during the wedding, your bridal party will often find themselves lugging their personal items about. Treat them to a tote they’ll be eager to use for their next beach day or farmers-market outing. Choose a bag in quality material or splurge on one made by a notable designer.

5. Signature scent

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Memories are often tied to scents. Candles, perfume, cologne or an essential oil blend are sensory experiences that can be gifted. Whether you work with a company to create a scent or simply select an already manufactured scent, it’s a sentimental touch that will transport the gift recipient back to your most special day.

6. Travel accessories

While this can be gifted for any wedding, it’s especially applicable for destination weddings. Surprise your bridal party by preparing them for the trip with weekend bags, carry-on suitcases, passport holders, luggage tags, makeup bags, sleep masks or beach towels.

7. Photos

In a beautiful frame or keepsake album, your bridal party will adore being gifted photos of you two together. Whether one photo or many, select memories that encompass your relationship. All the better, pair it with a handwritten card reflecting on how much you value their friendship.

8. Pay for a service or activity

There’s no denying that being part of a bridal party can quickly add up. Thank your friends and family for being part of your wedding by paying for a service or activity included in the festivities. This could include paying for dinner or an activity during the bachelor and bachelorette weekend or treating the group to hair, makeup and nail services. If you’re feeling extra generous and your budget allows, consider covering costs for hotel rooms, bridesmaids dresses or groomsmen suits.

9. Curated gift boxes

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To embrace preferences and the individuality of your friendship with each bridal party member, curate gift boxes that are specific to them. This could include their favorite snacks and beverages, gifts in their favorite color or monogram, apparel, candles, jewelry, gift cards to their favorite business and more.

10. A Polaroid camera

Give the gift of memories with a Polaroid or disposable camera. Your bridal party will get a thrill out of snapping shots throughout the wedding weekend and viewing what images they captured and get to keep. As a bonus, a Polaroid camera can be used for endless memorable occasions to come.

Feature photo courtesy of Megan Munoz

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