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10 Chiller and Cheaper Alternatives To The Wild Bachelorette Party

by Rebecca Padgett


Let’s be honest, not everyone has the wallet — or the liver — for a Vegas or Nashville bachelorette party.

Plus, it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea, which is perfectly fine. With the ideas listed below, you can have just as much fun with your best gals without the added stress of excessive spending and lavishly unnecessary activities.

Your bridal party might not all live in the same city, but these activities are wallet pleasers despite any necessary travel.

Here are 10 bachelorette party ideas that are low-key, budget-friendly and guaranteed to make memories.



1. Bachelorette Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? This is likely a favorite weekend activity of yours anyway, so why not gather your girl gang for bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict. You can either reserve a table or private room at your preferred spot or have a friend host.


2. Slumber Party

That’s right, channel your inner 13 year old again. Go all out — order pizzas, gorge on junk food, give each other manicures, pedicures and facials, play truth or dare, get out the board games, watch the corny movies you love and, of course, gossip.


3. Camping

Find the nearest campground, pitch tents, take hikes and end the night with s’mores and ghost stories around a campfire. Or you can glamp in someone’s backyard.


4. Beach Day

If you live in Northwest Florida, or Florida in general, the beach is never far. Set out early, pack the cooler with cold drinks and don’t forget the umbrellas and sunscreen. Either pack lunches or dine at a local spot.


5. Winery or Brewery Tour

Wineries and brewery tours are a great way to drink together and sample a variety of beverages. Many places do specials or have set prices, which allow you to know how much you are spending. Sip and chat the afternoon away.


6. Dinner Party

Pick a fun theme, whether it’s a taco bar or Italian. Revolve the food, decor and clothing around your theme to make it all the more fun. Or you can do it potluck-style where every guest brings their favorite dish and a bottle of wine. For a gourmet experience, you can hire an in-home chef for the night or take a cooking class together.


7. Spa Day

For this, you can either all go to a spa together or do an in-home spa. If you decide to go to a spa, allow the guests to select which services they would like, that way they are staying within the budget they are comfortable with. This also makes for fun goodie bags, complete with polish, scrubs, lotions, face masks and more.


8. Get Active

There are a variety of reasonably priced activities that get you up and moving. Some options include TopGolf, mini golf, paintball, bowling, horseback riding, zip lining, a yoga class, a barre class or a salsa class.


9. Get Crafty

Tap into your inner artist by taking a painting or crafting class. Not only will you have fun together, but you’ll also have a piece of art you can keep forever. Many places allow you to BYOB.


10. Road Trip

This option is ideal for those who live in the same city or have friends in close proximity that they can pick up along the way. Plan it or just figure it out as you go. Put a time or distance limit on how far you want to go. Make stops along the way at sites, pack food or stop at diners, split the cost of a roadside hotel or stay with a friend.

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