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10 Gift Ideas for Your Partner in Marriage

By Rebecca Padgett Frett

A sentimental and special way to celebrate your wedding is to exchange gifts with your intended. Whether you decide to do so together or apart, before the ceremony or on the day of, communicate how much your love means to one another through a thoughtful exchange. This is especially effective should you or your partner’s love language revolve around gifts. Below are ideas that range from adventuresome to affectionate.

Jewelry or Watch

Jewelry doubles as a wedding day gift and something you can wear again and again. This is the time to spring for those diamond earrings she’s been eyeing or the Rolex he’s long had on his wish list. A timeless and beautiful piece of jewelry, much like your rings, will last for many years and can be passed on for generations.

Perfume or Cologne

If you don’t have a sensitive nose or allergies, it can be fun and sentimental to have your spouse select your wedding day scent. When choices are made with care and intention, the gift giver demonstrates that he or she has put thought into what you would like and what will best make him/her think of you.

Photo by Brittany Morgan

A Bachelor/Bachelorette Experience

What better way to express your love than saying, “Go have fun with your friends, this one is on me.” Whether you sponsor a round of shots at the bar, arrange a chef to cook a meal or pay for an excursion or activity, the gesture will be appreciated by your future spouse and the group.

Rest and Relaxation

You’ve worked hard planning a wedding on top of the demands of everyday life. You deserve some time to disconnect, reflect and relax. In the weeks leading up to your nuptials, gift your intended with a spa experience, a getaway trip, pampering at home or simply a lazy Sunday of connecting with one another that doesn’t involve wedding talk.

Compliments of Serenity by the Sea Spa

Their Favorite Libation

Splurge on a nice bottle of wine or alcohol. Plan to drink it together on a special day or over a series of dates.

 An Accessory to Wear on the Wedding Day

For her, this could be a pair of shoes, a hair accessory or jewelry. For him a pair of shoes, cufflinks, a tie or a bowtie. Your spouse will appreciate the extra touch and is sure to tell others that it was a gift from you.

Photo by Rosanna Lilly Photography

A Honeymoon Excursion

Choose honeymoon excursions and surprise each other with them. Options could include a zip line through a jungle, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, a couples massage, facials, a cooking class, fine dining, a wine tasting, horseback riding, skydiving or a hot-air balloon ride.

A Handwritten Note

This gift is one you should give to each another, agreeing to devote time to reflecting and writing. It is best delivered on or around the wedding day — the night before before the ceremony, as you’re getting ready or at your first look.

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A Memory-filled Keepsake

One of the most meaningful ways to commemorate your wedding day is with a reflection on your relationship. A sentimental gift could include a photo album of your favorite shots, framed vows, a memory box, art with the lyrics from your first dance song, a ring dish with your wedding date engraved, a canvas portrait of an engagement photo and more.

A Registry Shopping Spree

This can occur after the wedding is over; grab any items you may have wanted but didn’t receive from guests.

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