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11 Important Roles Outside of the Bridal Party

The people you surround yourself with on your wedding day hold so much value to you and them.

Some couples opt for a smaller bridal party or no party at all. Others have a vast bridal party, possibly one they had to make cuts to. When thinking about the most important people in your life, you want them to feel special and included. Fortunately, there are many ways outside of the traditional bridal party to include your best friends and cherished family on your wedding day.

1. Officiant

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Many couples prefer an officiant they know and who knows them deeply as a couple. What better way to honor that than to ask a family member or friend to be your officiant? This is an honorable role, so you will want to ensure they are up to the task. They should be comfortable with public speaking and trusted to devise an appropriate ceremony script. They will also need to take the proper measures to become an officiant that can legalize your marriage.

2. Reader

Readers are elected to recite a religious passage, poem or lyrics that are meaningful to the couple. This role would be important to a friend, family friend, sister,  brother-in-law or any close family member and should be someone who isn’t shy in front of crowds.

3. Musician

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This one is for your musically inclined friends. Have a talented friend sing a hymn or song during the ceremony, hire your friend’s band to perform at the reception or ask your favorite saxophone-playing buddy to play some tunes at cocktail hour.

4. Ring Bearer or Flower Person

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Historically, these roles were designated to children, but they no longer have to be. It’s absolutely adorable to enlist grandma and grandpa in these roles or your most entertaining friends who are sure to make a show of their time down the aisle.

5. Usher

An usher greets guests at the ceremony and escorts them to their seats. This role is great for your friendliest friends and family members.

6. Junior Bridesmaid or Groomsman

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If you have a younger sibling or cousin who you want to include in the ceremony but is too young to attend the bachelorette party, a junior bridesmaid is the perfect role.  They will know just how important they are to you while being in an age- and stage-appropriate role.

7. Personal Attendant

While you may hire a planner or a day-of attendant, a personal attendant can be a fun and vital role. This person can be in charge of picking up breakfast and coffee while you get ready, steaming dresses or handling other tasks the bridal party may need. This allows them to hang out with the bridal party and be included throughout the day while serving a valuable role.

8. Roles for Children

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Should you already have children together or from a past relationship, you likely want to include them in your special day. They could serve as a ring bearer or flower girl. You could simply have them stand with you at the altar. You could also allow the child to help take part in a unity ceremony. Alongside the father-daughter and mother-son dance, you can do a special dance with your child, making for multiple generations on the dance floor.

9. Candle Lighter

Candle lighters are typically reserved for religious ceremonies. If you’re having candles at the altar, ask the designated person to light the candles as the guests are seated and music plays. While the role seems simple, the candles hold much significance.

10. Wedding Book/Program Attendant

This is becoming a bit outdated and used to be more common at weddings but is a great role for an aunt or grandparent who would take pride in the designation. The guest book attendant directs guests to the book to sign and often watches over gifts. For weddings that include programs, attendants can be situated at the doorway of the ceremony to greet and hand each guest a program.

11. Parking Attendant

This is for your organized friends or family members. That outgoing uncle will be up to the task of greeting people and directing them to open spots.

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