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12 Creative Send-Off Ideas

While you won’t want the night to end, a celebratory send-off can offer some of the most iconic photos from your wedding.

Send-offs can occur during the ceremony recessional, at the end of the night or both. They can be a true send-off where you depart in a car or a staged send-off for photos, then you continue with the reception. What you do depends on your schedule and how many hours you’ve paid a photographer.

To determine what send-off option is best for you, consider the look and feel of your wedding, what your venue will allow and any environmentally conscious considerations


Photo courtesy of Charlotte Fristoe Photography

Over the past decade, sparklers have become increasingly popular send-offs because of the magic they create in the moment and in photos. Sparklers pop best once the sun descends. To avoid any fire hazards, guests should be informed to hold the sparklers up high and away from skin and clothing.

Toss Flower Petals

Throwing flower petals isn’t just for the flower girl, especially if you decide not to have one. Work with your florist to select petals that match your other wedding florals or source them from a flower wholesaler to purchase in bulk.

Launch Confetti

Whether blown from confetti cannons or simply tossed in the air, confetti creates an explosion of color that looks pretty in photos. If inside, you’ll want to ensure your venue is ok with the cleanup. If outside, go for a biodegradable option.


Streamers, much like confetti, can be launched or waved by guests. Metallics are eye-catching in photos, and streamers in your wedding color palette offer a nice touch.

Blow Bubbles

Photo courtesy of Cedar Relics Photography

A plus side to bubbles is they don’t require cleanup and they’ll look pretty in daylight or at night. Have guests blow bubbles or rent a bubble machine.

Smoke Bombs

Depart in a haze of hues. Give guests smoke bombs or have someone specific deploy them. Something to keep in mind is that some colored smoke bombs may cause staining to clothing and fabrics and that they should only be deployed outdoors.


This one stems from tradition. The Romans believed that showering the couple with rice would bring about fertility and prosperity. Another bonus, it’s budget friendly.

A Second Line

A second line is a New Orleans tradition where the couple and their guests parade the streets. This often includes a brass band announcing you’re coming down the street. While this is most often done in New Orleans, it can be fun to do in other cities. Depending on the length and location, you may need a permit to do so.  


Photo courtesy of Woodland Fields Photography

As you exit, have your guests launch their balloons. Your photographer will capture fun photos of you volleying the balloons or dodging them. Have the balloons coordinate with your wedding colors. Avoid helium floaters to prevent any potential harm to birds and the environment.

Sequins or Glitter

Walk through what looks like shiny and shimmery rain in photos. Keep in mind that glitter and sequins are likely to stick to skin. This is another one you will want to check with your venue on and choose a biodegradable option for outdoors.


Close the reception by sending a wish into the sky via paper lantern. You can do this just as a couple or have lanterns for each guest.


Photo courtesy of Black & Hue Photography

End the night with a bang in the form of fireworks. You and your guests will have a few minutes to pause and reflect on the beauty of the night. Check with your venue to see if they allow fireworks before investing in them.

Featured image courtesy of Sarah & Paul Photography

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