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15 Tips for Self-Care When Wedding Planning

By Rebecca Padgett

I am all aboard the self-care train and think it should be a mandatory prescription on a weekly basis. I also know that it’s easy to say you will practice self-care and harder to practice what you preach. While wedding planning is tons of fun, it is an added activity to your already jam-packed schedule. Don’t let it consume your life or drain you of wedding day joy. Instead, use these self-care tips as a guide for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


1. Know When to Walk Away 

If there is something that is causing you stress or that you are unable to solve, simply walk away from it for a while. Stepping away allows your brain to have a break, so that you see it with fresh eyes and a recharged mind.


2. Work It Out

Get your workout on. Working out releases stress and endorphins that get your brain and body pumping with positive energy. Your health and staying active are important always. Whether you cycle, do a high-intensity workout or a barre class, any workout will get you up, out and moving.

3. Hydrate 

It sounds like a no brainer, but how often do you choose an iced coffee or a Diet Coke over a glass of water — especially when trying to stay caffeinated enough to accomplish all of your tasks? If you feel sluggish, have a headache that won’t go away, have muscles cramps or your skin is dry, you might be dehydrated. Take a minute to stop what you’re doing and drink a large, cool cup of water. Make it a goal to drink eight glasses a day; this will help your overall health and give you glowing skin for your wedding day.


4. Eat Well

When busy, it’s easy to fall into the habit of either eating fast food on the go, snacking on what isn’t enough to be considered a meal or waiting too long to eat. These are bad habits that often lead to feelings of stress and irritability. The nutrients we put into our bodies fuel our brain to perform at its optimal level. Take the time to eat three well-balanced meals.


5. Catch Some Z’s 

You know how you feel like you can take on the world after a good night’s sleep? Strive for that feeling as much as possible and it will make for more productive and fulfilling days. While eight hours is the goal, the quality of your sleep is also important. Invest in pillows and sheets that provide you with optimal comfort. Turn the air conditioner or heat to a comfortable temperature. Splurge on pajamas that instantly relax you. Most importantly, cease screen time at least one hour before bed.


Photo by LV Photography

6. Go on a Date with Your Fiancé

It’s important to your relationship to spend just as much time dating each other as you did before you got engaged. Do something fun and enjoyable for you both. Try not to talk about the wedding. Simply enjoy each others company and connection.


7. Ask For Help

Here’s a little secret: You don’t have to do it all yourself. Even Wonder Woman and Superman enlisted help from sidekicks and friends when they needed it. If it all feels like too much, express your concerns to friends and family then decide on ways to divide and delegate the tasks at hand. I assure you, there are those who are ready, willing and waiting for you to ask.


8. Spa Day

Pamper yourself! This could be a full on spa day complete with massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Or, you could opt for one option, freeing your mind for an hour while glamming with a fresh mani. Even better, have a spa day at home. A face mask and a glass of your favorite wine can work wonders.


9. Spend Time With Friends

Whether it’s Saturday brunch, Friday-night drinks or simply a weekly phone call, spend time with your friends. Laughter and good conversation restore the soul.


10. A Weekend Getaway

If you have an open weekend, plan a mini-getaway. You can be extravagant and book a plane ticket, drive a few hours up the road, go camping or do a stay-cation. Whatever you decide, don’t look at your calendar, stop checking your emails and hide your wedding planning materials.

Photo courtesy of Summer Griffith


11. Get Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can instantly lift your mood. Eat lunch outside, read a book outside or take a walk. Focus on the beauty around you; it’s instant relief.


12. Practice Meditation

Learn breathing exercises that you can do at your desk or attend weekly meditation classes. There are many apps that can also guide you through a meditation practice.


13. Learn to Say ‘No’

Look at your life and your schedule and determine the things and activities that are causing you the most anxiety. Anything that’s nonessential, say no to it. Only keep the essentials, such as work and the things you genuinely enjoy.


14. Clean

Clear out the space you’re in, and it could help clear your head as well. Get in the zone and focus on only what you are cleaning.


15. Unplug

Whether it’s for an hour a day or a full Sunday. Unplugging from your phone and socials is good for the soul, the eyes and the heart. You don’t need those outside pressures.

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