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5 Wedding Registry Ideas for 2019

By Rebecca Padgett

From timeless, traditional items to new-age ideas, your wedding registry is the place to treat yourself and happily start your married life together. We’ve categorized five distinct ideas to help you select registry items that are the perfect match for you.

The Homebodies

Whether marriage brings your first time living together or you’ve been doing so for years, it’s likely you need household items. In either case, put quality over quantity. This is the time to ask for those nice, staple purchases that will be key pieces in your home for years to come. Examples include: a knife set, pots and pans, cast iron, a dining set or china, flatware, high-quality bedding, linens, glassware and so on.

Gadget Gurus

Gadgets tend to be items that help or make life more enjoyable like marriage should. So why not ask for some gadgets you’ve wanted to try out? Around the house gadgets could include a Roomba, an Alexa, a portable speaker, a movie projector, a security camera, Fire TV stick or a Kindle. Another creative idea is to ask for subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.

Adventure Seekers

The adventure doesn’t have to be grand, although it certainly can be. As a couple, adventuring together is beneficial to your marriage memory making. For adventures on a small scale, ask for gift cards to your favorite restaurants, the movies, for a couple’s massage, for anything the two of you enjoy doing together. Camping equipment, bikes, a GoPro and nice luggage make for great gift material. For the avid travellers, gift cards to your favorite airline or hotel are ideal.


Oh, the honeymoon! To some, this occasion is as anticipated as the wedding. Whether you envision a tropical island or backpacking across Europe, having your adventure funded by your guests makes the experience more memorable. Honeyfund and Zola are two of the most popular of many honeymoon registry sites that guests can donate to. Many resorts also offer the option to have guests donate to your honeymoon. Simply create an account on your preferred funding site or at your honeymoon locale, and put your mind on vacation time.

Cash Collectors

It’s no longer gauche to ask for cash. That being said, for the benefit of your guests, it would be nice to let them know how you plan to use it — put it towards a mortgage, pay off debts, build up your savings, future travel, college funds, donating to your favorite charity, etc. Heartfelt and honest contributions are a great reason to request money.

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