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7 Popular Hairstyles for 2019 Brides

By Rebecca Padgett

Let your hair down or pull it back — whatever makes you feel beautiful, confident and ready to dance your wedding night away. Consider asking your stylist’s opinion on these dos and scheduling a practice session beforehand. We’ve compiled seven of the most popular bridal hairstyles for 2019.


The Low Ponytail

This simple swept-away style pulls the hair away from your face but gently cascades down your back. This style is versatile because it allows for a variety of accessory options — tied back with a velvet ribbon, accented with a small flower crown or pinned with an antique clip.

Photo by Bri Wingham

Tousled Waves

Romantic, effortless and stunningly sweet. Create loose curls or, if your hair falls easily, curl tight, run your fingers through and let them fall a bit throughout the day. This style is especially effective in humid climates like Florida.

The Undone Updo

The bohemian and whimsical bride loves this style. It’s carefree, relaxed and pretty when done right. Curl the hair and pull it up into your chosen style, then select pieces to loosen and frame the face.

Photo by Alicia Osborne Photography


Whether small and entwined in curls or a statement-making fishtail cascading down your back, braids are everywhere in 2019. They can be intricate and elegant or bold with a flair of creativity.

Chic Bun

Minimalist, iconic, fashion-forward, sleek — these are all words to describe the emphasis on chic buns in 2019. Pull hair tightly back at the nape of the neck for a timeless, graceful look.

Photo by Woodland Fields Photography

Natural Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, whether coiled or wavy, embrace it. Take advantage of what makes you, you. There are plenty of gals that would pay for those gorgeous curls of yours.

Gold Accents

Weave gold accents such as vines, chains, small headbands and heirloom brooches through any of these styles. A shiny, shimmering adornment adds a pop of glamour to all styles.

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