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7 Styles for 2021 and 2022 Grooms

By Rebecca Padgett Frett


On their wedding day, men deserve to feel dashing and dapper. A lot of emphasis is placed on the wedding dress, but a man’s wedding day attire deserves just as much attention and awe. While there may not be layers of lace and tulle, there are many ornate and noticeable details that can go into a tuxedo or suit.

We have compiled seven styles for grooms that we predict to be popular throughout the 2021 and 2022 wedding season.


1. Patterns and Fabrics

Photo by Rosanna Lilly Photography

Paisley and plaid. Velvet jackets and silk details. Grooms are showcasing their personality and pizzazz through patterned suits and textured fabrics. Go all out in a fully decked suit, or intersperse bits of this trend through a decorative dinner jacket, a patterned pocket square or an eye-catching pair of shoes.


2. A Reception Outfit

Photo by Emma Lawson

It’s common for the bride to change from her ceremony dress into an entirely new outfit for the reception. Men should feel emboldened to do the same. This could be changing into a snazzy dinner jacket fit for the party or a completely different outfit that allows you to move more freely and groove.


3. Rich Colors

Photo by Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Black will always be classic and timeless, but for those who want to experiment with hues and stand out — consider a colored suit. In the next year, grooms will continue selecting rich, jewel-toned suits. Navy, emerald, maroon, burgundy and deep plum are especially present.


4. Custom Suits

Photo by Maggie Grace Photography

Not seeing exactly what you want on the racks? Want something that’s completely yours? Consider purchasing a custom suit, something that holds cherished memories and that you can wear again. With a custom suit, there are a multitude of ways to make it your own; that includes jacket style, interior fabrics, pocket styles, interior lining, pant styles, buttons, stitching and even customized messages and dates stitched inside.


5. Accessorize

Photo by Junebug Weddings

Your outfit doesn’t stop with the suit. Let loose your personality or style savvy with curated accessories, such as fun socks, bold ties, decorative pocket squares, luxury cuff links or spirited suspenders.


6. Snazzy Shoes

Photo by Trecreative Film & Photo

Whether you select a classic Oxford or a stylish loafer, footwear catches attention both down the aisle and on the dance floor. A polished leather Oxford goes with any formal option. Velvet or suede loafers add instant cool. Some grooms, especially for semi-formal weddings, opt for designer sneakers or change into them once the reception begins.


7. Wedding Band

Photo by Band by Metal

No matter if the groom is involved in selecting the band or it’s a surprise, wedding band options for men can be just as elaborate and eye-catching as a female’s ring. The band is important because it’s worn for life. The groom’s personal style and personality should be considered above all. Men’s bands come in a variety of options including gold, silver, platinum and tungsten. Select a matte, polished, brushed or hammered finish. Bling can also be for the boys, so add a diamond or colored gem.

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