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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Travel Agent For Your Honeymoon

1. They Are Experts

Planning any trip takes a lot of work, research and time.

You may become overwhelmed by the process or have no idea where to start. Fortunately, travel agents do this for a living.

From booking hotels/resorts, transportation, meals, excursions, safety tips, currency and more, travel agents are well versed in every detail that you need to know for your honeymoon.


2. It Comes With Perks

Travel agents often have access to perks most people don’t. They work with and acquire relationships with certain hotels and vendors, which works in their favor — and yours.

Travel agents often have discount codes or know the best times of year to book with certain places in order to save money.

Perks could include room upgrades, discounted prices, resort amenity credits, in-room amenities and special requests.

3. Take The Stress Out Of It

Couples often are planning their wedding and honeymoon at the same time. These two factors — on top of careers, commitments, a social life and more — can become stressful.

This should be something you look forward to and dream of, not something you wake up in the night fretting over.

Putting it in a travel agent’s hands ensures that they will take care of the details. By handling the logistics, they save you time and money.


4. They Know More Than The Internet

Photos, websites and brochures will only tell you so much. It can be hard to get someone on the phone to ask what exactly “under construction” means or to clarify the wording of a contract.

This is where a travel agent can help, they ask the questions you may have felt uncomfortable asking.

A travel agent knows or finds out all of the details about a hotel or business in order to provide the best options for their client.

5. They Can Help You Decide

Maybe you don’t know where you want to honeymoon. Or it’s possible there are too many places you want to visit, and you need to trim the list.

Travel agents are often well traveled, and they go off previous client’s feedback.

They will talk with you to learn what you are hoping to experience during your honeymoon, whether it’s relaxing at a beachside resort or skydiving in an exotic locale.


6. They Can Help You During Travel

We all know the stress a missed flight connection or a hotel mistake can cause. Having a travel agent to assist with issues can make all the difference.

Your travel agent is often the first to know if there are any changes in your itinerary and is there to fix them quickly.

A travel agent can alert anyone who needs to know about travel changes, whether it’s your driver from the airport or the hotel’s front desk.

7. They Are Affordable

For the most part, travel agents are very affordable for all of the services and perks they provide.

Like any other wedding-related service, take a moment to look at your budget and see if you have the funds for one.

Like with any vendor, you should inquire about fees and all of the services included. You won’t regret the investment.


8. They Will Ensure You Have The Trip Of A Lifetime

At the heart of it, travel planning is crafting the perfect experience for you. Travel agents want to ensure your happiness with their services and should go the extra mile for their clients.

A good travel agent will go through as many itinerary changes as you need to ensure the ideal trip, will do their research on the destination and will check in to acknowledge that you understand and are satisfied with every step of the process.

Travel agents are aware that honeymoons are often the trip of a lifetime and the vacation you’ve dreamt of your entire life. They take their job — providing the perfect experience — seriously.

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