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John Gandy Events

A Man with a Plan

John Gandy Events makes wedding planning easy and enjoyable

When it comes to wedding planning, you’re either the couple that’s had Pinterest boards on standby for years or, while you’re ecstatic about marriage, the planning of the big day itself is daunting. No matter which couple you are, the team surrounding you during the planning process can make all the difference.

Since 1990 John Gandy Events has a proven track record of the happiest couples from concept to completion of wedding related events. John Gandy Events is the most awarded wedding planner in Tallahassee, who also has a worldwide presence for curating exceptional events.

Gandy and his team of professionals, most with over 10 years of industry experience provide planning, design, production and rentals alongside being your wedding’s biggest cheerleader.

Photo courtesy of Megan Gielow, Morning Wild Photography

As many in the wedding industry have faced tumultuous times since the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gandy saw this as an opportunity to pivot, revise and rethink to alleviate the stress of his clients. As the founder and creative director, his role is to make things happen seamlessly, seemingly magically.

“Planners are used to having to pivot on a dime and make decisions quickly, the pandemic just threw in new challenges we had to adapt to,” Gandy. “These last few years, have shown all the more how necessary planners can be for navigating challenges that we are still seeing today.”

Many couples are feeling the impacts of supply chain shortages. To Gandy it’s essential that when conversations are being had and mood boards are being shown, there are plans B and C. Plan A is always the option Gandy aims for, but Gandy likes to get ahead of any issue that could arise.

One upside Gandy has noted due to the pandemic is couples are being more intentional with their wedding whether that be smaller, more selective guest lists or customized and interactive guest experiences.

As a well-recognized and praised planner Gandy has cultivated valuable vendor relationships throughout the years, which results in a wealth of creative partners available to help you dream wedding come to fruition.

Photo courtesy of Megan Gielow, Morning Wild Photography

“Working alongside a planner leads to connections and enhances the abilities that are available to you as a couple,” said Gandy. “A good planner will always be your advocate and work with you by whatever means necessary to create your wedding weekend vision.”

Gandy and his team have planned and designed weddings all over the world, but their service is small-town centric because your wedding is not just a number or an event to check off. Unlike in urban settings or with bigger production companies, your wedding is not one of multiple in a day.

With that familial feel, the John Gandy Events team takes the time to truly get to know you as a couple. Rather than leaning into trends for the sake of being current, Gandy seeks to make your event as unique as you are.

“My goal is that each couple feels they’ve fully expressed themselves through their celebration,” said Gandy. “It’s the first time your guests are knowing you as a married couple, and they should see that reflection.”

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Photography courtesy of Megan Gielow, Morning Wild Photography

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