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A New Year and A New Engagement Season!

By Rebecca Padgett

It’s that special time of year when presents are prettily wrapped, and many left hands will shine and shimmer brighter than ever.

Statistically, the holidays are the most common time of year to get engaged. New Years and Valentines Day are special times of year where we are surrounded by those we cherish, are reminded what we are grateful for and feel most compelled to express our love. 

The 2019 issue of Northwest Florida Weddings Magazine will be published just on the heels of these occasions, March 1,  welcoming newly engaged couples to savor the pages as a resource for planning their ideal Northwest Florida wedding.

The anticipation is swelling, practically bursting as we prepare this issue packed with tips and tricks, verified vendors, real-life wedding testimonials and gorgeous photography.

In the meantime, we want to know what you want to read about? Let us know your thoughts at as we hope to be your leading resource for all things Northwest Florida weddings related.

In 2019, you can expect fresh articles featuring the hottest wedding trends, advice for the newly engaged, wedding features and plenty of fun, engaging (see what I did there) content.

This year we hope you truly embrace those you love and care for. Capture these meaningful moments more in your mind and heart and less on a screen.

Laugh, sing, dance, drink and dine together. Give more than you receive. Invest your time. Show compassion and empathy.

Be grateful for whoever and whatever you value most. Put a ring on that finger. Commit to loving who you love unwaveringly.

We here at Northwest Florida Weddings are excited for a new year!


Much love,

Northwest Florida Weddings Magazine

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