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Bridal Party Bounty

Bridal Party Bounty

Couples are taking to showering  their friends and family with gifts

By Alexandra Pushkin // Photo by Lawrence Davidson

The purpose of bridal parties — that group of specially designated individuals that stands near the bride and groom at the wedding — wasn’t always to have your best friends by your side in matching attire. The Western tradition actually stemmed from the need to have witnesses present. Today, however, a bridal party is much, much more: It’s a representation of a bond, a steadfast support system and a symbol of lifelong friendships.

Couples today commonly bestow gifts upon the members of their bridal party, which also includes groomsmen, to convey gratitude. Current trends call for giving a gift as unique as the person for whom it is intended, with a variety of items ready to be personalized.

Many brides will honor their bridesmaids with jewelry. Take this tradition one step further by customizing the jewelry with each bridesmaid’s name, or, for a cleaner look, just use the first letter. As an alternative to names, try giving a necklace with a message.

Kimberly Waller of Hearth & Soul in Tallahassee suggests a Morse Code necklace, featuring gold dipped dots and dashes on a silk thread, that conveys positive messages and sentiments.

Lockets are timeless and treasured. Placing a picture of the bride and her bridesmaid in the locket creates a piece that is elegant on the outside and sentimental on the inside.

“Another great benefit of jewelry as a gift is, it’s one of the few items the wedding party can wear on the wedding day to perfectly complete their wardrobe whether its cufflinks, a watch, earrings, a bracelet or a necklace,” said Carolyn Brigman, vice president of McCaskill & Company Finest Jewelry & Watches in Destin.

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