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Creative Craft Cocktails

Creative Craft Cocktails

Your drink menu shaken, not stirred

By Maria Knight 

Photos by Alicia Osborne and Woodland Fields Photography

There’s no doubt that an exceptional cocktail selection adds some spirit to your wedding reception. You and your guests can unwind with a traditional whiskey-based New York sour or shake things up with a pineapple-rum-tea punch. Either way, the cocktails at your wedding can be a worry-free addition with a little resourceful planning by a talented bartender.

When it comes to cocktails, simplification can make a sophisticated statement at your wedding. “Drinks with six, seven, eight or nine ingredients can be great, but there’s something to be said for three-ingredient cocktails made with high-quality ingredients and impeccable technique,” says Terry Logue, head bartender of The Blu Halo in Tallahassee.

There’s no shame in shaking up your beverages by adding in an unexpected twist. “One of the simplest things you can do is change the spirit, as long as the flavor still works,” says Eric Pounders of Madison Social in Tallahassee. “For example, the French 75 is a classic cocktail with gin, lemon, sugar and champagne. By replacing the gin with a nice whiskey or bourbon, you have a great modern twist on a very traditional cocktail.”

In the world of weddings, straightforward ingredients and natural presentations are an up-and-coming trend. One-of-a-kind drinks can be as modest as a La Rosette, a champagne cocktail with a little St. Germain and pansy or fresh fruit garnish. This trouble-free cocktail is refreshing and smooth with a fruity tang — perfect for guests who want a relaxing bubbly to sip on while they mingle.

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