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How To Customize Your Wedding Suit

By Rebecca Padgett Frett

There’s just something about a well-fitting and snazzy suit. Whether you’re a groom or bride who chooses to wear a suit, there are various ways to personalize and customize the suit to conform to your tastes. Your attire can be reflective of your personality and encompass elements of the wedding, no matter if you choose to rent or have a suit custom-made. Keep the dress code for your wedding in mind as you consider the following tips.

1.Customized Suit

While it’s more of an investment than renting a suit, a custom-made suit pays off. A custom suit is tailored to you, both in fit and style. Your suit will fit just right, and you can add in elements such as fun fabrics, patterned linings, hand-selected buttons and more.

Photo by Woodland Fields Photography

2. Customized Lining

Add some interior fun to a jacket by working with a designer to add a custom lining. Choose a bold fabric such as silk, an intricate pattern or maybe a liner featuring the logo of your favorite sports team. Or go sentimental with a lining made of fabric from something worn by a loved one.

3. Monogram/Embroider

Say it in style. Embroider your monogram or a meaningful message on the inside of your suit, on the collar, on your tie or elsewhere. Consider a significant phrase you share, your partner’s initials or your wedding date.

By Sarah & Paul Photography

4. Boutonniere

A boutonniere completes the wedding look. Ideally, it ties in the colors and floral selections of the wedding. Add in flashy elements like feathers, berries, ribbons and more.

5. Color Coordinate

This doesn’t mean you have to get a forest green suit, although we definitely support that look! Incorporate the colors of your wedding through your tie, pocket square, jacket lining, suspenders, socks, shirt and more.

6. Cufflinks

A small, but noticeable addition are cufflinks. Have them personalized with your monogram, the wedding date or simply “I Do.” Have a jeweler design them in silver or gold with added gems. Or wear cufflinks passed down from a relative.

By Sarah and Paul Photography

7. Tie/Bowtie

Ties and bowties have long been used as means of communicating style. Are you a sleek and monochrome tie wearer? Or a preppy and bright bowtie guy?

8. Tie Clip

Tie clips make a sophisticated addition. Much like cufflinks, you can work with a jeweler to design them to your liking including engravings, materials, stones and more.

Photo by Sarah & Paul Photography

9. Shoes

What’s on your feet can reveal a lot about your personality. Be equal parts sport and stylish with a luxury pair of sneakers. Go traditional with a twist in a pair of patterned loafers or velvet slippers. A nice pair of boots won’t go unnoticed.

10. Socks

A flash of a comical or whimsical sock will give guests a laugh. With a cornucopia of patterned socks available on the market, there’s sure to be a pair to tickle your fancy.

Photo by Reem Photography

11. Pocket Square

You could select any old pocket square, but why would you when this small detail can add so much to an ensemble? Select an eye-catching color or a fun fabric to add pop and pizazz to any suit.

12. Watch/Jewelry

In addition to the new ring you will soon be wearing, consider a watch, a simple necklace or bracelet. Treat yourself to a piece you’ve been eyeing or go sentimental by wearing a keepsake from a loved one.

By Alicia Osborne Photography

13. Fabrics

In any element of your outfit, you can flex with your fabric. Velvet, silk, wool, linen and cashmere are options that add a touch of lux.


Whether you want to stand out or cause just a small stir, patterns can get the job done. Replace any fabric in your wedding outfit with a patterned alternative. Consider plaid, paisley, stripes or polka dots.

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