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How to Prepare For A Cold Weather Wedding

By Rebecca Padgett


I know that this is Northwest Florida, but let’s be honest, the Panhandle can get a bit chilly in the late fall and winter months.

If you’re planning a wedding in this season, you’re likely aware of the weather, but instead of frantically watching the weather reports, embrace it and have a plan in place should a cold front descend.

Here are some ways to prep for cool weather while warming your guests’ hearts.

Photo by Jennifer G Photography

Cute Cover Ups

I am loving the denim jacket trend right now. You’ve likely seen them — emblazoned, rhinestoned, laced and monogrammed. As a gift to the bridal party, you can buy each gal her own and take cute photos in them. Personally, I’m more of a leather lady, and adore the edgy brides that wear them over their weddings dresses. The contrast is the perfect pairing of daring and dainty. I’ve also seen gorgeous fur coats. Lace or printed shawls always look elegant and classic. No matter how you decide to keep out the elements, it looks more cohesive to outfit the bridesmaids in the same or similar styles. This is also the ideal season to consider sleeves, whether it be on your wedding dress or the bridesmaids dresses.

Bundle Up

Keeping warm and cozy is just as important, if not more important, for your guests. You want to ensure that the friends and family who travelled to be there for your special day are as comfortable as possible. If you are having an outdoor wedding and know it’s going to be chilly, a possible guest gift could be a blanket or shawl. There are plenty of nice quality options out there that can be draped over each attendee’s chair. They can snuggle up and be ready for the big show.

Hot Beverages

Nothing warms the soul quite like a warm beverage. A station with cider, hot chocolate and coffee can be set up with the option to spike it with bourbon, whiskey or flavored liqueur. You can also opt for your bartenders to serve up a signature hot toddy.


Fire Features

You would need to check with your venue first, but some have fire pits or allow you to bring them in and set them up. The same goes with heaters. Fire pits add an extra element of fun when you can huddle up beside one and roast marshmallows for s’mores.


Comfort Foods

Think warm, hearty, comforting dishes, such as roast chicken, beef dishes, pastas with flavorful sauces and heaps of steaming seasonal vegetables. For a more casual meal or parting snack, I don’t think any of your guests would complain about a nostalgic childhood favorite of grilled cheese and soup.


Get on Your Feet

Everyone knows that movement gets the blood pumping. Encourage the DJ to get guests out on the dance floor as soon as possible by starting the dancing right away. Games and activities promote movement while also keeping guests minds off of the cold.

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