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How To Thank Your Bridal Party

By Rebecca Padgett

Your bridal party is composed of your best guys and gals. These special individuals have been there for you through all the biggest moments of your life, and they will be there for you throughout the process of your wedding. These are the people you want beside you, not only on your wedding day but also for the remainder of your life.

While they would likely do anything for you, a bridal party’s duties extend beyond the wedding day and include the engagement party, bridal party and the bachelorette/bachelor party — not to mention the financial and emotional investment of being your support system. You may never be able to thank them enough, but here are some ways you can express your gratitude.

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While it’s a heartfelt gesture to send all of your guests thank you notes after the wedding, your bridal party deserves a bit more. A handwritten letter should express your gratitude for their involvement in your wedding, your thankfulness for their constant friendship, your joy in thinking of future moments together and any other sentiments you might want to include.

Host A Special Meal

Throughout the process of a wedding, your bridal party will pay for many meals, outfits, presents and more. To celebrate your friendship and take a break from the frenzy of wedding festivities, host a meal for them. This could be a boozy brunch or a dressy dinner. This could be out at your favorite dining spot or hosted at your home. Whatever you decide, the occasion should be all about friendship.

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Buy Custom Gifts 

Customized and personalized gifts are sentimental statements that can make a lifetime of impact on your friendship. You can buy each person the same gift with customized elements or personalize each, specific to the groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Pay For Things 

A wonderful way to ease some of the financial burden and show you care is to pay for certain aspects of the wedding. Some of those options could include: hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures, accessories, etc. There are also many ways you can cut costs for your bridal party. It is also important to have transparency between you and your bridal party if they are having financial difficulties. It is much more important to have your best guys and gals by your side than for them to not take part because of money worries.

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Send Photos

The appreciation can keep flowing even after the wedding is over. Once you receive your photos, select your favorite one with each member of the bridal party, frame it and send it to them as a memorable keepsake.

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