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Makeup Tips for Warm Weather

By Rebecca Padgett Frett

Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding, especially in Florida in the spring or summer, you’ll want to protect your makeup from the elements. Having a flawless and glowing wedding day look is possible if you take the steps and heed the advice listed below.

  1. Moisturize and Prime

Invest in a quality moisturizer and primer before the wedding day. Use both for a few weeks to ensure neither causes breakouts. Use an oil free moisturizer to promote smoothness. The primer preps your skin to lock your makeup in place throughout the day. These two products should be the only ones on your face when the rest of the markup is placed.

  1. Waterproof

Choose waterproof products whenever you can. While “waterproof” mostly pertains to the eyes, there are waterproof options for the entire face. This will aid with both sweat and tears. The best option may be to use fake lashes because they don’t budge and pop in photos.

  1. Drink Water

As tempting as nonstop mimosas may be, the key to happy, healthy skin is hydration. Dehydration can result in dull or bloated skin. A hydrated human glows.

  1. Wear Less Foundation

You don’t necessarily need to wear “more” makeup on your wedding day. A talented artist knows how to work her magic to make you look stunning for the camera even with minimal makeup. Use foundation sparingly, putting it only on places that need it such as under the eyes or to cover blemishes or dark spots. You can mix foundation with oil-free moisturizer for a sheerer style. Tinted moisturizer is best as it provides a natural glow.

Sarah & Paul Photography
  1. Bronzing

Bronzer makes everything better. A little swipe of a bronzing brush instantly provides a sun-kissed glow that looks naturally Floridian. Bronzer often hides overheated cheeks or blends to cover sweat.

  1. Eyeshadow Options

Cream eyeshadow often causes a crease. Cream stays in place, yes, but as it heats, it creates lines. The best option is to use cream eye shadow as a base and apply powder eye shadow over it. The same method applies for a gel and powder eyeliner.

  1. Blushing Bride

Opt for a cheek stain over blush as blush can get cakey. Stains last longer; think of it as an actual stain.

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  1. Seal it With a Kiss

Lip wear will wear off as you drink, eat, talk and of course, kiss. Lip stains last longest. The lip stain look isn’t for everyone because it is like a matte finish. While your lip gloss may be popping in photos, it lasts the least amount of time. The best option, a cream lipstick. Regardless, you’ll likely need to reapply. I advise either buying the same shade the makeup artist uses or something similar or relying on a trusted shade.

  1. Set It Up

Setting spray is the final step in the makeup application. Setting spray locks in the look, increasing your makeup’s lifespan.

  1. Touch-ups

Unfortunately, there’s a point in your day when the makeup artists leaves. Whether in your purse or in the trusted care of a bridesmaid, you should have a touch-up kit on hand. Include lipstick, Chapstick, blotting papers, foundation, powder, bobby pins and setting spray. Remember, blot first, then apply the powder.

All this having being said, at a certain point, just have fun and stop worrying about your makeup. You look gorgeous.

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