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Stepping Outside of Tradition

7 shoe alternatives to classic wedding heels for your special day

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or waltzing at your reception, your wedding shoe should be comfortable and align with your personal style.

Gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable heels or limiting yourself to one pair of shoes for your wedding day. Opt for a stylish shoe to carry you from one event to the next, or change it up to transition from the ceremony space to the dance floor. The options for wedding shoes continue to grow, and these are the seven most popular options in 2024 that extend beyond the traditional strappy heeled sandal.

Photo courtesy of Sarah and Paul Photography

1. Ballet flats

Dainty and delightful, ballet flats are all the rage for those on and off the stage. Flats have always been a popular option for those who don’t want to wear heels. Opt for a sheer pair, or choose from a variety of fabrics, patterns and fun additions like straps, bows or rhinestones.

2. Cowboy boots

2024 is the year of country music, and with that comes the rise of country-core style. Boots have long been worn at southern-style weddings and are getting a more modern edge lately. Find a funky vintage pair or splurge on a designer brand. Cowboy boots are best at mid-calf or higher, and most have a small heel that adds height without sacrificing comfort.

3. Birkenstocks

For the outdoorsy and alternative bride seeking comfort and ease, Birkenstocks might be the best option. Break out your trusted pair, purchase classic white Birkenstocks or choose a fun, colorful or metallic option. These shoes work great for beachside or casual outdoor weddings.

Photo courtesy of Anna Edwards Photography

4. Flip flops

Beach babes have been sporting this look for their trip down the sandy aisle. Whether rubber and bedazzled or designer leather, this shoe option shines in the spring and summer months

5. Sneakers

Something that’s not going out of style anytime soon is sporting sneakers at a wedding. This look is not just for the groom, either. Brides are putting on kicks at the ceremony and reception. From luxury brands to a trusted pair of Chucks to customized sneakers that match your spouse, have fun with this one!

Photo courtesy of Mandi McElroy

6. Combat boots

Edgy and unexpected, the combat boot is cool yet comfortable. This shoe is for the bride who requested pop-punk on the wedding playlist and wants to pair her white dress with an unconventional statement.

7. Clogs

Clogs are sturdy, slip-on shoes with a slight wedge heel. Ideal for the minimalist bride, clogs are no-fuss and can be dressed up or down. A heeled option is ideal for the ceremony, whereas flat soles are reception-ready.

Feature image courtesy of Sarah and Paul Photography

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