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The Top Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Venues

By Rebecca Padgett


The venue you select is one of the most important aspects of your wedding — and one that usually involves a considerable amount of your budget. That’s why it is important that you ask plenty of questions. While it is likely that most of your questions will be answered during your tour, you should still ensure that every base is covered.

We have compiled a list of questions, sectioned by topic, that you should ask and should factor into your decision making.



Is my date available?

How far in advance can I reserve?

What are the rates depending on day and time?

How early can we arrive on premise the day of?

How many hours is the space available for?

How many events do you host in a day? In a weekend?

Is it a shared ceremony and reception space?


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Price and Payment 

How much is the deposit?

Are payment plans available?

What does the total include?

Is there a cancellation policy?

Do we need any insurance or permits?

Do you have liability insurance?

Is there an additional charge for additional hours?

Do you charge extra for adding on services?

Are there extra service charges?

What forms of payment do you accept?



Do you offer any vendors on site?

Do you have any recommended vendors?

Are there any vendor services you don’t allow?

How early can the vendors arrive on the day of?


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Is there a backup plan for bad weather?

Are there any specific restrictions?

Is there a sound ordinance?

What is parking like?

What equipment is available on site?

What is the capacity?

Is the space handicap accessible?

How many bathrooms are available?

Will there be a point person available on the day of?

Who is responsible for cleaning up?

Is there a place for the bridal party to get ready?

Is the venue near hotels?



Do you have an in-house caterer?

Can we hire our own caterer?

What is your alcohol policy?

Do you have a food and beverage minimum?



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