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Things To Do Before “I Do”

Things To Do Before “I Do”

A guide to the events before you walk the aisle

By Rebecca Padgett

Photos by Black & Hue Photography, Desirée Gardner Photography, and Woodland Fields Photography


The instant a sparkling ring is slipped onto your left hand, many moments of celebration will follow. While the main event is likely the one you’re most excited for, there are occasions leading up to the wedding that are meaningful and joyous.

Don’t let these pre-events daunt you; think of them as mini parties in preparation for the grand  finale. There’s a long list of pre-wedding events, but that doesn’t mean you have to participate in all of them — select those that fit best you. Restaurants and venues are equipped to cater to your needs and allow you to save the majority of your planning time for the wedding day. Skopelos at New World in Pensacola, is one of those venues.

“From start to finish, the event planners are here to ensure the process is as seamless as can be,” said Arianne Pearce, director of marketing, social media and public relations at Skopelos. “We’ll work with you to establish the feeling you’re hoping to create for your event and determine which of the various spaces is going to be best.”

Soon after the question is popped, it’s time to pop some bubbly at the engagement party. This is a celebration for you as a couple — allowing family, friends and coworkers to mingle in merriment of your soon-to-be matrimony. This is typically a more intimate gathering, so don’t feel the need to invite the entire guest list. Possible locations include the couple’s home, a favorite restaurant, a beloved bar or even the site of the proposal.

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