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This Bride and Groom Brought Wordly Travels to Their Coastal Wedding

By Janecia Britt


“Reid and I met at Texas A&M, where we played in a coed soccer league together. We went out to dinner with the team after a big win one day and happened to sit next to each other – we began talking and we figured out we had a lot in common. We both had done a lot of traveling – with his family having lived all over the world  Indonesia, Cairo, and Scotland to name a few – with me being born in South Africa.”

“I’ve always dreamed of having a beach wedding. We are also big sun-seekers and love the ocean, so a beach wedding just made sense for us. My parents had recently purchased a beach house, named Summer Dreams, in Cape San Blas – and we all knew it would make the most gorgeous wedding location.” 


“Right after we decided on a date, Hurricane Michael hit. Although the area was not hit the hardest, it was pretty devastating. So many people are still rebuilding. We saw all of the damage in the area and all the destruction but we both kind of knew it would work out – maybe it was the strength we saw in others who had lost everything and still plowed forward.”

“In the midst of all the craziness of repairs, the whole community seemed to be rooting for us – before we knew it the neighborhood boardwalk had been fixed, beautiful flowers had been planted, and our amazing wedding planner had everything under control even while juggling rebuilding his home and making other weddings happen. We were so thankful.”

“Shortly after our engagement, Reid and I had the opportunity to explore Hawaii! I absolutely fell in love with the Hawaiian tropical fauna and I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding! A specific flower that stood out was the protea – I love the beauty and boldness of it and it was also perfect because it’s South Africa’s national flower – so we chose to incorporate a lot of proteas. We went with earthy and tropical colors which we knew would look amazing against the white sand.” 

“Our favorite moment was the quiet time we had right before the ceremony. Reid and I had already had our first look so we just got to hang out with each other and our closest friends and family (some who travelled across the world for us). We all huddled in the living room overlooking the beach where the ceremony was about to take place. We practiced our dance moves, joked around, and Reid and I tried to process the fact that we were going to get to spend the rest of our lives together.”


“We heard awesome things from our Cape San Blas neighbor about Clay Keels, our wedding planner. He owns Signature Weddings and Events and Hallmark Flowers! From our first conversation, he understood our vision and we just got along really well. He also knew the area very well and other vendors in the area, like Shannon Gay, who made our amazing cake! Hallmark flowers did such an amazing job capturing the look we wanted – they were the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. We chose Chandler and Olivia, our photographers, after we read their bio on their website. They were so fun and light hearted and their photos looked flawless – we had so much fun with them and our photos turned out better than we imagined.”

Planner/Decor: Signature Wedding and Events

Flowers: Hallmark Flowers

DJ: Dj Josh with B Boy Productions

Food: Provisions

Officiant: Misty (through Officiant Doug)

Dress/Veil: The Bridal Boutique in Lewisville

Alterations: Beside the Bride

Shoes: Aldos

Suit: Hockerty

Wedding Palm Invite: Minted

Map of Cape San Blas: I Watercolored

Rings: Kataoka Jewelry, Helzberg Diamonds



Photos courtesy of Chandler and Olivia Photography.

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