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This Sweet Church Wedding Will Melt Your Heart

By Janecia Britt


“I moved to Florida in August of 2017 from Texas, my hometown of 28 years,  and pursued a new start. I received a job offer and upon arriving back at home, packed my car, ended my previous relationship, said goodbye to the people I loved so much, and drove myself to the beach life.” 

“It was scary and it was new, but working at my new job allowed me to meet my now best friend, Charlotte. We became close quickly and slowly but surely I adjusted to life in Florida a little easier. We always told people we were sisters and joked about it constantly, and never guessed one day it might actually come true.” 

“Through 23 & Me, Charlotte discovered a new brother, Darren. Charlotte and Darren were born in different states, but moved to Florida the same month of the same year, years later. When they finally got in contact and discovered they lived so close, Charlotte invited Darren over to her home to meet in person.” 

“The following weekend, Charlotte called me and asked if I wanted to come over and meet her new brother and spend the day with them. Of course, I said yes! I busted through her front door singing this “new brother” song I had made up and embraced him tightly. Since that day, Darren and I have not spent one weekend apart.” 

“On February 14th, 2019, Darren asked me to marry him during the sunset on Johnson’s Beach. I couldn’t say YES fast enough. He was everything I ever needed and everything I thought was impossible to find.” 

“He was my other half. I finally understood that all of life’s trials and tribulations were to steer me to Florida to my family and to my future husband.” 

“Darren and I got married on April 13th, 2019 in my favorite church, Old Christ Church, in Pensacola, Florida and the reception on the bayou at Charlotte & Bill’s home.” 

“There was 90% chance of rain, and we didn’t see a drop. Everything was perfect, even the mishaps that occurred, and the day was filled with happy family members, loving friends, and the most love I could ever feel from my now-husband.” 

“All of our families became one that day, mine, Darren’s adoptive family, and his biological family.” 

” I would have never guessed that I would have got to live out my very own fairy tale and gain a husband from my best friend Charlotte, who is now officially my sister.”

Photos courtesy of Ash Simmons Photography.


Hair; make-up: Jillian Jensen

Officiant: Bryan Jesse

Flowers: Carlstedts LLC.

Caterer: Tijuana Flats

Cake: Blue Jay’s Bakery

Tent, Chairs and Tables: Fun 4 All Inflatables

Nails: T&L Nail Salon

Hair color/cut: Fringe Hair Salon

Music: Ashley Leigh

Honeymoon: VRBO; Long Creek, South Carolina




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