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Main photo by Charlotte Fristoe Photography


1. Neon Signs
Say it bold, big and bright with neon signs that display a variety of love notes.

Lily & Sparrow Photo Co.


2. Mix & Match Bridal Party
All of your bridesmaids have different personalities, so why not let their dresses reflect that? Style your bridal party in different colors, patterns and fabrics.

Black & Hue Photography


3. Vibrant Color Suits
From rich navy and deep burgundy to striking emerald green, dudes are donning luxuriously colored suits.

Woodland Fields Photography


4. Satin & Velvet
These two cool, contrasting fabrics are popping up everywhere, from bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s ties to tablecloths and more.

Charlotte Fristoe Photography


5. Bridal Jackets
From jean to leather, personalized and customized jackets are a cute way to add serious style and showcase your new status. All the more, they are a piece you can wear before, during and after the wedding.

Jennifer G Photography


6. Painted Wedding Cakes
Gone are the days of real flowers and fondant. Instead pretty petals can be painted on to your cake, making it almost too beautiful to take a bite.

Charlotte Fristoe Photography


7. Creative Archways
Archways no longer even needto be shaped like an arch. Couples are embracing circles, triangles, diamonds, squares and more — all adorned with flowers and pampas grass.

Jennifer G Photography


8. Wildflowers
Rather than big, bold blooms, select small stems of whimsical wildflowers.

Alicia Osborne Photography


9. Barrettes & Hairpins
Pearl topped pins, starburst barrettes and ornate gold and silver hairpieces can be placed throughout the hair for sweetly scattered style.

Sarah & Paul Photography


10. Minimalist Décor
Minimal doesn’t mean boring. Instead, picture clean lines, neutral tones, gleaming glassware and plenty of light.

Lily & Sparrow Photo Co.
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