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Wedding Planning for the Digital Age

Wedding Planning for the Digital Age

Apps that make it easier to get to iDo

By Maria Knight


From trying on dresses until you find “the one” to designing invitations that will adorn a fridge delightfully, there are a million things a bride has to keep track of when planning her wedding. With today’s modern means, planning could not be easier or more accessible. Apps for wedding planning are helping brides stay organized, in touch and up-to-date, all with the touch of a button.

With everything brides have to do and remember, it’s easy to forget a thing or two along the way. WeddingHappy is an app that tracks the tasks you have completed, the tasks you still need to do, your vendor details and how long you have until your wedding. Not only can you track details like sending your save-the-date notices, you can also keep a close eye on your expenses and payments so you and your fiancé can stick to your budget. This free app makes it easy to see how the little things are adding up to create the big picture.

If you’re looking for an app with a social side that provides opportunities to engage with your guests and wedding party, Appy Couple is a savvy option. The photo gallery feature allows guests to easily snap and post pictures, all of which are saved directly to your gallery. Guests can mingle with each other via the app with instant messaging. Your shyer guests will thank you later. And who knows? Your wedding could result in romance for another happy couple.

To make the wedding gift process easier on you and your guests, Zola has an online registry that exhibits simplicity at its finest. This app lets you combine multiple brands to your registry, choose from a variety of “couple experiences” and build cash funds for your future plans, all in one account. If it turns out you don’t actually need that set of mallard duck dishware from your uncle in Kentucky, Zola gives you the option to swap gifts or convert them into credit.

Having trouble finding your dream dress? Follow local bridal stores on Instagram as they often feature the latest dress trends. If you’re open minded or don’t have a particular style in mind, this is the best way to learn what you may want. Dream Gowns has an excellent selection that is consistently updated on their Instagram account.

Our very own, Northwest Florida Weddings website, social media accounts and monthly newsletter are on-trend with bridal movements throughout the nation while providing localization through vendors, venues and services.

Whiles these apps and websites are definite time-savers, they can’t do it all. As John Gandy from John Gandy Events explains, there’s a human element to wedding planning that you can’t get online. “Sending invitations virtually is great if all of your guests are young and always online,” Gandy says. “Otherwise, you should stick with traditional mail.”

Some tasks are best completed in person for the sake of the ceremony, such as selecting vendors and tasting cake samples. Some of your best visual sources are magazines, and your best audible sources are talking with brides who have already taken their walk down the aisle. For decades, brides have successfully planned beautiful weddings; and just think — you are planning in the best-equipped decade yet. It’s a great time to be a bride!

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