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Wedding Week To-Dos

Tips for preparing and pampering for your nuptials

It’s your wedding week, a week you’ve been planning for, anticipating and anxiously awaiting. By this point, the big tasks are out of the way, but there are some to-dos to check off your list to ensure getting hitched goes off without a hitch. While some are important tasks, others are suggestions for much-deserved self-care and celebration.

Take Time Off

You’ve likely been planning your vacation time for months to accommodate for travel, preparation and possibly your honeymoon right after the wedding. If you’re traveling, account for a travel day, a preparation day and a day of relaxation. Even if you’re not traveling for your wedding, allow time off from work to focus on and soak in the wedding excitement. You’ll find that you don’t want the added thoughts of work during this time. 

Finalize Guest Count and Seating Charts

While RSVPs are typically due at least two weeks before the wedding, there could be stragglers or last-minute cancellations. During the week of your wedding, it’s best to provide the final headcount to your planner, caterer and anyone else who needs to know.  You should already have a general idea of the seating chart, but this is the time to make final adjustments.

Finalize the Timeline

The timeline has likely been a work in progress, but by wedding week, it should be finalized and shared with all vendors and necessary people, such as the bridal party members. It’s not a bad idea to have a few copies on hand for the wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Winkler
Check-in With the Bridal Party

While it’s unlikely that your wedding slipped the bridal party’s mind, sending a “can’t wait to see you” text is not a bad idea. Follow up your text with a schedule of events for the weekend, including dates, times, locations and additional details such as attire or items they should bring. For those with designated duties, such as speeches, casually check in and see how things are going.

Finish and Deliver Gifts

A simple yet fulfilling task to complete is packaging and wrapping gifts, whether welcome gifts for guests, bridal party gifts, gifts to parents or a gift to your soon-to-be spouse. Once the gifts are wrapped, deliver them to your hotel or desired location ahead of time. Putting together these gifts will raise your excitement about seeing your guests soon.

Make Payments

Wedding week is when many vendors ask for final payments. If these can be made online, do so. For any payments that need to be made on the day of your wedding, be sure to have the money set aside in labeled envelopes, including additional tips you may give. It’s best to designate payment distribution to someone trusted, like a parent or planner. This will ensure the right people get paid and no one asks you on your special day.

Check the Weather

One part of wedding planning you cannot control is the weather, but there are seven and 10-day forecasts that can help you plan. If you have an outdoor wedding, and rain looks like a possibility, now is the time to ensure your rain plan is sturdy, including your backup location and how you will be transported into the ceremony to ensure your wedding day look won’t be ruined.

Photo courtesy of Megan Munoz

You’ve worked hard to plan your wedding, so take time to enjoy some pampering. Treat yourself and your partner to a massage or spa day. This will make you feel relaxed and connected. Other forms of self-care that contribute to your wedding day look include getting a manicure, pedicure, spray tan or light facial. Remember, the week of the wedding is not the time to do an intense facial or experiment with skin procedures or products. Self-care also includes prioritizing eating well, hydrating, meditating, maintaining your workout schedule and getting plenty of sleep.

Outfit Trial

At this point, you were already fitted for your dress or suit, but it’s not a bad idea to test your other wedding day wardrobe items. This includes jewelry, hair pieces, undergarments and breaking in your shoes. To ensure your rings sparkle in photos, have them professionally cleaned or purchase an at-home cleaning product.

Pack and Double Check Your Packing

If you’re not a checklist person, now may be the time to try. A checklist is especially important if you’re traveling for your wedding. Even if your wedding is in the same town, you’ll still need to pack a day-of bag. You know your list and needs best, but remembering your wedding clothing for the weekend, marriage license, passports, IDs and rings is a must. If you’re packing for a wedding and a honeymoon, create two lists. If possible, pack two separate bags, too.

Finalize and Practice Your Vows

Whether you’ve been working on your vows for weeks or thrive under pressure, your vows should be ready by wedding week. This is the time to add the finishing touches and read through them a few times. Reading aloud will help you find your flow. Reading your vows is also the ultimate reminder of what your wedding week is all about—a commitment to your partner.

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