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What Every Couple Really Wants For Christmas

By Rebecca Padgett

The holidays bring about feelings of nostalgia, joy and — most importantly — love. In closing out 2019, 2020 engaged couples are likely in full-wedding mode.

This Christmas, treat the engaged couples in your life to something on this list. Trust us, this is what they really want …

  1. A hefty anonymous donation to their wedding fund.
  2. Unlimited vacation days for the wedding and honeymoon.
  3. People to stop asking how the wedding planning is going.
  4. Gifts from the registry … I repeat, from the registry.
  5. For grandma to stop asking when she’s getting great grandchildren.
  6. To eat all of the Christmas cookies in peace.
  7. A no-drama wedding experience.
  8. The ability to invite every person you want to invite without worrying about the budget.
  9. The perfect response to people who ask for a plus one.
  10. A wedding planner that truly does it all.
  11. Makeup and hair that is humidity and tear resistant.
  12. Dresses and suits that fit perfectly in the store.
  13. People who don’t just assume they are invited.
  14. More date nights!
  15. Wine, lots of wine.
  16. Lifetime discounts on your registry.
  17. No hidden fees.
  18. To simply relax and enjoy the planning process.
  19. The ability to relive their wedding day again and again.
  20. Valuable time surrounded by both sides of the family that will soon become one.
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