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What to Know When Scheduling Wedding Beauty Services

By Rebecca Padgett Frett

Who doesn’t love being pampered, especially when you come out on the other side looking like a bride? There’s just something about robes, mimosas and chatting with your best girls while getting your hair and makeup done that starts the best day off in the best way.

Looking and feeling your best for your wedding is essential, that’s why it’s important to have a glam plan in place. Before selecting beauty professionals, ensure you have your venue and date decided. It’s also helpful to have your dress and accessories selected alongside the color scheme, theme and bridal attire. Once you’ve secured these, proceed to the next steps.


Do Your Research

In an industry based on image, any reputable hairstylist or makeup artist will have a multitude of examples showcasing their work. Check out their websites and social media for examples. While the photos will portray their style, be sure to read their reviews as well. When researching, if you have any makeup preferences, such as organic, cruelty-free, airbrush or hypoallergenic, be sure you check into that. Don’t forget to ask any questions that might not be readily available or apparent on their site.

Photo by Alicia Osborne Photography

Figure Out Your Style

This is why you created a Pinterest account! When you’re saving images, think about how you would summarize the looks — glam, boho, classic, full-on glamour gal with a bold lip and smokey eye? Or do you go more natural with light pink and nude tones? You should be able to have some adjectives ready to describe your desired look. Also, when looking at a stylist’s photos, see if what you have in mind aligns with the styles of makeup and hair they typically do. When you decide on a stylist, have that Pinterest board or album on your phone ready for them to scroll through.


Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve decided on your makeup artist and hairstylist, it might be wise to book a trial with them. Trials should be booked about two months before the wedding, this way you have the opportunity to book another trial should you need one. Be aware that most trials will need to take place on a weekday; most stylists, particularly those in the wedding industry, work events on the weekends. Do not be afraid to express exactly what you want and ask for changes. A trial is in place so everything is perfect on the wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Veronica Schultz

Decide on Bridal Party Looks

Where the bridal party does not need trial runs, you should have some idea of what you would prefer they look like beforehand. This way, your stylists can bring all of the colors, makeup, hair tools and accessories necessary. If you let your bridesmaids choose their styles, it is wise to have some parameters. If you are wearing your hair up, and all of your bridesmaids except one wear their hair down, she will stand out. Advise things — like hair-down styles and light pinks or hair-up and red shades of lipstick. All of this is contingent on the styles of the dresses and the theme of your wedding.


Stick to the Schedule

Set a time for all bridesmaids to arrive unless there is some exceptional circumstance. It’s a good idea to talk with your stylists and set a schedule for who goes at what time. It’s rare to get someone who wants to go first, but in talking with the stylist, maybe the bridesmaid whose hair holds curl best should go first. Do keep in mind for the gals who goes first, touchups can be done at the end. The bride should be situated somewhere in the middle, allowing her time to relax, do touchups and answer any vendor questions if needed. The quickest appointment should be scheduled last. On average, bridesmaid appointments take 40 minutes, and the bride’s takes an hour. If your hair and makeup is off site, be sure to factor in travel time. If your timeline is looking tight or you have a large bridal party, it’s a good idea to hire multiple artists. An early call time may seem daunting, but make a whole day of it with breakfast, mimosas and a light lunch. Be sure to offer your beauty staff food and beverages as well. Most photographers arrive an hour before the ceremony starts. This way, they can take photos of your hair and makeup touchups and changing into your dress.


The pricing of all services should be discussed and decided upon beforehand. Be sure to ask if the stylist charges extra for certain styles. It is common that hair extensions, fake lashes and hair accessories are an additional charge. Some stylists may add in a travel charge if they are having to drive over a certain distance or fly. It should be discussed beforehand who is paying and how the bill(s) should be paid. This way, both the beauty professionals and bridal party are prepared. When tipping, each artist’s tip should be calculated based on the cost of the service they provided. The average is tip is 15-20%, but you can always tip more dependent upon your satisfaction and experience. Another way you can show your appreciation, leave glowing reviews afterward.


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