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You Can’t Get More Glam Than This Pensacola Wedding

By Janecia Britt


“My husband and I knew each other for 8 ½ years prior to getting married. We met in Texas during undergrad. He played basketball at the university we attended and I played volleyball. We are six years apart, so when we met it was the spring of my freshmen year and he had already graduated but was still in the area starting his professional basketball career. We were introduced through a mutual friend.”

“Every year my family goes to a close family friend we are known for 10+ years to spend the 4th of July with them. They live on the water and have a great view of the firework display in my hometown.”

“This particular 4th of July in 2015 my husband and I were visiting my mother for the holiday weekend. About 6 months earlier we had gone to look at engagement rings, so I knew it would come someday soon, but had no idea it would be on the fourth of July. He tells me now, that he wanted to really surprise me and catch me off guard since it’s hard to surprise me.”

“We went to our friends’ house the Saturday afternoon, cooking out and having a great time. My husband went to my mom and told her I want to do it today. So, they asked my family friends if it was okay if he could propose on their dock and of course they said yes.  My mom and husband went back to the house to get the ring, which I had no idea.”

“That evening we all went outside to sit on the dock to watch the fireworks and maybe about 10 minutes after the show started, he tapped my shoulder and I turn around and he down on one knee. I was so surprised, shocked and happy, all at the same time. I, of course, said yes! There were literally fireworks, haha!!”

“I planned a majority of my wedding from the phone. I was on school break for a few weeks, so in that time I picked a venue, reception hall, caterer and dress. Everything else I picked over the phone and through my mom going to visit everyone. I was in Miami the entire year prior to our wedding because I was in school.”

“My mother was awesome because she was helping get everything for the day off. I found my photographer over Instagram and my mother found the singer who sang at my wedding. A lot of my decorations my mom found either on the Facebook market, Etsy, or Amazon. It was stressful; however, I would not have been able to pull it together without her!”

“I think my favorite memory was right when my husband and I walked into reception being announced as husband and wife. He never dances [and doesn’t like] to be the center of attention, but during that moment we both were so excited and dancing to Bruno Mars and Cardi B “Finesse”! Also, I generally loved all the dancing during the reception, it was a none stop party with my close friends and family!! Can I do it over again?”

Her advice for brides-to-be?

“I would say on the day of your wedding don’t stress the small things. That weekend goes by so fast, be present in the moment and just enjoy all the love and fun memories you are making with your husband, family, and friends. It will be gone before you know it!”


Photos courtesy of Taylor Kaderly Photography.

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