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5 of the Top Trending Bridal Accessories

By Rebecca Padgett

Some say, it’s all in the details; and with stunning accessories, these details truly can steal the show.

Your wedding is just another day to showcase your style, and the trends keep getting more unique.

I’ve selected five trends that keep popping up on Pinterest, in magazines and via social media that myself and other brides are clearly loving.


1. Hair Scarves

Chantilly Hair Bun. Photo courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

Too non-traditional for a veil? Over the flower crown trend? Hair scarves might be ideal for you. These versatile accessories can be styled in a variety of ways; knotted around a bun, tied around a ponytail or secured as a headband. From white lace to cream silk to patterned, they come in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes. Another plus — they can be worn again and again long after the wedding day.

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2. Sparkly Hair Pins 

Abra Hair Comb & Pin Set. Photo courtesy of

Rhinestones, starbursts, pearls and more look pretty attached to hair pins. These are best placed at random, pinning back pieces of hair to create a look that shines but isn’t too structured. Instead of one large hair piece, crown or clip, create your own look with small, sparkling bobby pins.

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3. Extra Long Veils 

Loyola Veil. Photo courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

The series of recent royal weddings inspired this trend, and it has a true staying power as brides are indulging in this luxurious look. There is something so elegant yet statement-making about a floor-length veil. Whether sheer, lace or sprinkled with pearls, a long veil will elevate the overall feel of your wedding. This style is best suited for the ceremony so it doesn’t get in the way of the dancing, drinking and dining.

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4. Bedazzled Bridal Jackets 

Hayley Paige Athleisure hologram sequin “Bride” bomber jacket. Photo courtesy of

This look is especially popular in fall and winter months, when jackets might prove necessary. Denim jackets are hot on the scene right now, but the look can also be achieved with leather jackets. Iron on your patches that say “Bride” or your new last name — all with rhinestones, pearls and more.

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5. Lengthy Strands of Pearls 

Mata Back Piece. Photo courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

While these certainly work well worn traditionally, many brides are opting to wear them as a back piece. These draping drops of pearls look beautiful with a backless dress. Layer them in strands or pick a bold pendant piece.

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