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An Intimate Poolside Wedding

Like many couples set to marry during a pandemic, Kathryn and Clint Booth had to pivot, but they did so gracefully and poolside. The couple married at Kathryn’s parent’s house under an iconic Tallahassee oak and transitioned poolside for the reception. The lush backyard and gleaming turquoise pool made for beautiful backdrops paired with the blush and burgundy color palette. Cherished moments were shared between the couple and Kathryn’s daughter Kinsley and the guests danced under the moon til it neared the sun. A wedding experience that didn’t go as planned turned out to be just what the couple wanted. Kathryn shares their love and wedding stories below.

“Clint and I met through mutual friends years ago. He was the quiet one, so I didn’t know him well then. Clint and I grew up around Lake Miccosukee and with it being such a small area, he knew my dad. They hunted together and he kept his boat at my parent’s dock. I saw Clint at a party one night at the lake and we started talking.”

“At the time I was doing projects around my house and since he had a background in construction, he offered to help and got my number. Apparently, my dad was looking out for me when they were together one day and told Clint that I was, ‘looking for a boyfriend’ and that he should ask me out. I laughed when Clint told me that once we started dating.”

“At first, I wasn’t sure. He was nice, followed through with plans, and called me every night, which I mistook it as him being ” too nice.” I soon realized this is what a normal relationship should be like. My dad also informed me that I can be high strung and need someone calm to balance me out. It’s true! The more time Clint and I spent together, I realized what a good person he was and how amazing he was with my daughter, Kinsley. Her and I both fell in love. She calls him her Clinty.”

“After three years of dating, he finally proposed. My grandmother was having her birthday at my parent’s house, so we were able to have everyone together. We had gone to the beach the weekend before and he wanted to do it then, but my ring hadn’t arrived yet. We planned to have our wedding in April of 2020 but had to cancel it two weeks before due to the pandemic.”

“After months of uncertainty, we decided to just go ahead and have our wedding in November of 2020. I planned it in three months, scaled it back to 40 guests, and decided to have it at my parent’s house. Planning was fast paced and stressful at times, but that made it easier to make decisions since time wasn’t on our side. It ended up being such an amazing night and I’m so happy we did it that way.”

“Samantha Nicole Weddings and her team made everything so beautiful. JB Crumbs catering was delicious, and Nate with Amplify had us partying well into the night, even after the wedding was supposed to be over.”



“We planned to go to Key West the day after our wedding, but had to cancel due to a hurricane that same weekend. With everything going on – rescheduling a wedding, and at this point, two honeymoons, we weren’t surprised. We ended up having a spontaneous trip to Charleston and then Asheville and had a great time. Our takeaway from all of this is, in the end, we have each other, and that’s all that matters.”

“To other couples planning a wedding I would say to take a few moments to breathe and remember that you’re marrying your best friend and that’s truly what matters. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get a wedding planner or someone to set everything up.”

Photographer: Brandi Roberson Photography

Wedding Planner: Samantha Nicole Weddings

Caterer: JB Crumbs Catering

Florals: Lake Talquín Flowers

Music: Amplify

Cake: Dainty Sweets

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