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A Guide to the 12 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Discover the perfect blossoms for your special day

Whether you have many flowers in mind or don’t know where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 most popular wedding flowers. These flowers tend to be favored for their versatility, beauty and price points.


Roses have long been a symbol of love, from holidays to wedding days. Something all the more beautiful about this flower is its guaranteed availability year-round. There’s a reason these flowers remain popular—they come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are affordable, although garden roses may cost slightly more.


These gorgeous, fluffy blooms are one of the most requested wedding flowers. Keep in mind that they are only available from April to June. For those watching their budget, peonies are steep in price. For this reason, they are often reserved for a bride’s bouquet.


Dahlias are another large bloom that make an impact without the price tag of peonies. Their availability is wider, spanning from summer through fall. Dahlias come in a variety of colors ranging from bright tones to muted pastels. It should be noted that they don’t ship well or fare well in the heat of outdoor weddings.

Photo courtesy of Black & Hue Photography


These pretty, petite flowers are becoming all the rage as additions to bridal bouquets. Their hues include white, yellow, pink, orange and purple. They prefer cool weather and bloom from February through May.


Anemones have become increasingly popular in recent years, as you’ve likely seen them all over Pinterest. They are easily recognized for their dark centers, often seen with white petals and contrasting black centers. However, they also come in purple, pink and red. The flowering season of anemones extends from August to May.


While lilacs only come in white or variations of purple, they make for drapey, romantic additions in bouquets and floral installations. Do be warned that they wilt fairly quickly and are only optimal in the spring and early summer.

Photo courtesy of Sarah and Paul Photography

Sweet pea

Dainty and whimsical, these sweet blooms make for delightful additions to bouquets. They are available from December to May and fare best in cooler temperatures.


While white hydrangeas are most common, these bright bunches can also be found in blue, pink, purple and multi-colors. They flower from May through early fall. Talk with your florist about the unique varieties and which would best withstand the weather in your wedding locale.


Tulips bloom from December to April and are a reasonably priced option. They come in various styles, including traditional, fringed, double (twice the petals, making them larger), Rembrandt (red streaks on pedals) and more.

Photo courtesy of 30A Photo Studio


Lilies are minimal yet striking in their sleekness and with their long stems. Brides are often seen carrying lilies or bouquets of lilies with other accent flowers. Fortunately for lily lovers, lilies are accessible year-round.


Like roses, carnations are available year-round and are cost-effective options. They are pretty on their own or pair nicely with green accents. There is an abundance of varieties and colorways to select from.


Orchids may be available year-round because they can be grown indoors, but keep in mind that they thrive in warm climates. This makes them ideal for beach, island and outdoor weddings.

Feature photo courtesy of Alicia Osborne

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