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25 Ways to Embrace a Summer Wedding

Not only is summer physically hot, but it’s also a hot season for couples to get married.

Many equate summertime to fond memories of freedom and fun, embracing bright colors, a diet of iced treats and a mind on vacation time.

All of these symbols of summer can be incorporated into your wedding.


1. Al Fresco Dining

Summer nights under twinkling lights or the stars make for the ultimate romantic dining experience.


2. Write in the Sand

If you’re having a beach wedding, utilize the sand in photos by writing love and inspirational messages to one another


3. Customized Beach Accessories

Give the bridal party and guests customized summer accessories such as beach towels, sandals, sunglasses, totes, beachballs and more

Photo by Lily and Sparrow

4. Have Sunscreen on Standby

Make a sunscreen station complete with a wide range of SPF, ChapStick, bug spray, hair ties and more.


5. Serve Drinks in Coconuts

What puts your mind on summertime more than sipping from a coconut?


6. A Fresh and Light Menu

No one wants a heavy meal in the heat. Focus on light and fresh options such as grilled chicken, kabobs, seafood, fresh fruit, veggies and salads.


7. Cool Treats

Bring the ice cream truck to your wedding with a variety of frozen options.

Photo by Alena Bakutis Photography

8. Refreshing Libations

Think prosecco, rose, champagne, frosé, margaritas and chilled white wine.


9. Up-Dos

Get that hair up and away to stay cool and keep frizz at bay.


10. Breathable Fabrics

Cotton, rayon, linen and chambray are all easy, breezy fabric options.

Photo by Lily and Sparrow

11. Cool Downs

Supply optional parasols, paper fans and umbrellas for guests to stay protected and shaded from the sun. Plus, all of these options can be personalized for the occasion.


12. Florals Galore

Sprinkle bouquets with sunflowers, daisies, dahlias, lilies, roses, orchids and other tropical flowers that flourish in summer.


13. Shaded Areas

Provide places to escape the heat, including tents, teepees, cabanas and sitting areas.

Photo by Amy Riley Photography

14. Bright Colors

Bright, bold hues are meant to shine in the sun — pops of pinks, yellows, oranges and greens.


15. Seafood

Especially good when fresh from Northwest Florida waters.


16. Throw a Pool Party

Sure to make a splash, it’s a unique way to celebrate your engagement, bachelor/bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Photo by Black and Hue

17. Lawn Games

Cornhole, croquet, giant Jenga, mini golf and more encourage guests to socialize during cocktail hour.


18. Send Guest Home With Plants

From succulents to seeds, plants are perfect take-home presents.


19. Decorate with Citrus

Oranges, lemons and limes can adorn tablescapes alongside florals.

Photo by weddingmania

20. String Lights

Light up the night with string lights that make any evening more magical.


21. Lounge Spaces

The heat can leave guests feeling languid; let them reenergize in relaxing lounge spaces.


22. Fun Glassware

From plastic pineapples to delicate and dainty colored champagne flutes, fun glassware adds pizazz to any drink.

Photo by Black and Hue

23. Flavored Water

Hydration is important in the heat. Set up a flavored water station infused with fruit, herbs and cucumbers to encourage guests to drink up.


24. Sunglasses

Your love is so radiant, your guests might need them. These make fun photo props and great takeaway gifts.


25. Sparklers or Fireworks

What is a summer event without a fireworks show?



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