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Bridal Bon Voyage

Bridal Bon Voyage

Honeymoon essentials for the coast

By Liesel Schmidt

Photo by Amy Riley Photography

Ah, the honeymoon. It’s the perfect start to your new life together: a time to relax after all the stresses of the big day, to connect in a new place and make memories that you’ll cherish long after the dress is packed away and the photos have been looked at hundreds of times.

No matter how picture-perfect the locale may be, if you haven’t packed properly, those beautiful memories can get a little smudged by the headaches that result from being ill prepared. Make sure that your honeymoon is one you’ll remember for all the right reasons by taking a few tips from experts.

Some of the most popular honeymoon getaways chart a course for the coast, where postcard-worthy beaches await and sunlit skies make everything shine a little brighter. The only worry you should have is applying enough sunscreen.

You’re on your honeymoon, so celebrate as often as you can, and pour on the cocktails! Sarah Ralph, Marketing Manager at ResortQuest’s Northwest Florida Region offices, suggests bringing Mr.- and Mrs.-themed travel mugs or cute drinkware to enjoy some sunny sips on the beach.

Aside from packing the obvious necessities, like your swimsuit, a cover-up and sunscreen, think outside of the box a little. Pack a beach blanket to take on picnics or for those dreamy nights of Gulf-side stargazing.

Stretching out for a lazy day on the sand or at the pool is the perfect time to break out a book you’ve been dying to read or listen to some relaxing music, so pack some reading material and your headphones. Even newlyweds need a little downtime from gazing into each other’s eyes.

This is a coastal vacation, so dress the part. Bring beach bags, hats, sunglasses and flip-flops to keep you looking cool and breezy in your post-wedding glow. Plan to celebrate at least once in high style by having a dressy date. Bring cocktail-worthy attire, and you’ll be prepared for any dress code.

Keep a record to look back on, and remember even the details that, at the time, may seem insignificant. Pack a cute honeymoon journal and a pen to document the day’s adventures. Flip through the pages and relive it a year later.

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort Marketing Manager Brooke Scholl has a few suggestions of her own for honeymooners who head to the coast: “Bring along a camera to capture all of your special memories at the beach and anywhere fun you go together.”

The proper footwear, she explains, can really make or break your day; so be sure to have the right shoes — not only flip-flops for the beach or at the pool, but also shoes that are comfortable enough to wear on sightseeing excursions, leisurely strolls or bike rides. If you’re staying at a resort, Scholl advises checking their amenities to see what may be available to you as their special guests.

Although it’s not quite “packable,” remember to bring an adventurous mindset, too. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s the ideal time to try new things and to have exciting adventures together.


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