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Food for Thought

Food bars and creative presentations allow couple to express themselves
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PIE: If a couple wants to move away from cake altogether while still keeping a larger dessert on the table, a popular alternative is pie. Having a selection of pies is warm, welcoming and reminiscent of family times. Modern couples have embraced pie pops, miniature pies on a stick and Whoopee Pies.
DOUGHNUTS: Sticking to the customary tiered trend, the industry suggests replacing a tiered cake with a stacked favorite dessert. An industry and couple favorite are doughnuts. Sweet, ring-shaped treats are favored for their colorful and flavorful varieties. For an elegant look, try glazed doughnuts sprinkled with edible pearls and adorned with a vintage-style wedding banner topper.
CUPCAKES: Cupcakes are an adorable way to replace the common cake, as they are the miniature version. Like doughnuts, they come in a variety of flavors and sizes — and are just as customizable. The frosting on the cupcakes allows for endless decorating options, and since each cupcake is, in essence, a smaller wedding cake, each can have its own miniature topper.
ALTERNATIVE CAKES: With a myriad of ideas popping up online, industry trends have begun to take notice and have suggested various alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, including an assortment of cheesecakes and Bundt cakes. Moving even further away from the idea of cake are tiered Rice Krispy treats, stacked meringues, personalized miniature cakes for each guest and “millefoglie” — a traditional Italian wedding cake.
DRESSED UP SNACKS: Current trends lead wedding planners to suggest dressing up these ordinary snacks to make them appropriate for a formal event. For more solid desserts, such as Rice Krispy treats or meringues, decorate with fondant ribbons or sugared flowers. For softer textured desserts or for desserts with crevices, such as Bundt cakes and millefoglies, top with fresh fruit. Berries are popular for these particular pastries
FRENCH DESSERTS: Some couples have sought out foreign desserts, such as French macaroons and “croquembouche” — a conical-shaped French dessert consisting of cream-puff pastry and crystallized fruit, held together by a caramel sauce.

Take the Cake…Or Don’t

Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake
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