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DIY: The Coastal Crown

Be coastal-chic on your wedding day in this beautiful beach-ready tiara

By Chay D. Baxley // Photos by Matt Burke

It’s one of the most relaxing yet romantic things a couple can do: a simple stroll on the beach, hand-in-hand, plucking seashells from the sugary sand. No muss or fuss required. Just a day to remember. And though it’s a little nonsensical, in a way hanging on to those once-buried treasures keeps the memories of vacations-past alive. So you do, filling mason jar after mason jar, until the house starts to resemble a roadside shell shack.

It’s quite the conundrum. But if you fancy yourself a DIY bridal maven, plan to put those beautiful mementos on center stage during your upcoming seaside soiree by creating your very own coastal-inspired crown.

A swoon-worthy headdress, this piece is flawlessly nautical and totally authentic to the region without being over the top. Customizable to be ideal for flower girls, bridesmaids or the star of the show herself, this accessory can lend your beach goddess look a genuine air of natural glamour.

Estimated to take no more than an hour of your day, for such a simple project this coastal crown is full of character and creative, local flair. A quick trip to any nearby arts and crafts store will get you started. After that, it’s nothin’ but clear skies, smooth sailing and seashell dreams.


You’ll Need…

  • An inexpensive dress-up tiara (easily found at dollar stores as well as arts and crafts supply shops)
  • Twine or rope in a neutral hue
  • A hot glue gun
  • Seashells of varying shapes and sizes
  • Store-bought accessories for added dimension
  • A good soundtrack and a glass of champagne (optional)



  1. Gather supplies. Arrange shells by shape and then by color, for easy accessibility during assembly.
  2. Remove any feathers or fabric from your tiara and begin wrapping with choice color of twine or rope, periodically gluing in place with a hot glue gun. No need to get every nook and cranny — just the big stuff. The seashells will adhere better to the material than the smooth surface of your tiara.
  3. Before you get started gluing, come up with an overall design for how you’d like the tiara to flow. Begin in the center of the crown, largest items first, and work your way out — securing each item with the hot glue gun.
  4. Fill in extra space with smaller shells until your crown looks full and symmetrical. Ensure all shells have been securely fastened to the tiara. Then, it’s time to don your crown.

Try incorporating store-bought pieces for added glitz and glamour. You may also want to consider amping up your already existing seashell collection with hand-selected shells from the store for a more polished look.

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